Argent (smart-contract wallet) + Ledger : Ultimate Wallet Combo ?

Hi cc enthusiasts !

Not a single day passes without reading stories of how some dude got rekt to wall hacks, wether it’s through poor behaviour, honeypot or whatever. Some of which used cold storage for their private key.

I personally use a Ledger for holding my assets safely, but discovering smart contract wallets recently made me take a look at Argent.

Their solution seems to offer the best security combo for private key management 👇

1. A Smart Contract wallet
2. *Guardian* accounts to sign transactions, with the possibility to define a certain number of guardians sign threshold (Multi-sign), where a Ledger can be use as such.

Has anybody tried this ? How convenient is it ? Is it the best option for holding assets securely ?

Thanks for reading, and hodl !

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2 thoughts on “Argent (smart-contract wallet) + Ledger : Ultimate Wallet Combo ?”

  1. I use argent and highly recommend. Yeah so with a hardware wallet it just becomes another guardian you can use, so it’s not the primary device like just a pure hw wallet. Sending simple transactions won’t make you pull out your ledger. However my one gripe is since it’s a smart contract wallet fees are always so much higher than a pure hw wallet. Argent supports only zksync for it L2 right now. I am really looking forward to 2.0 in the next 2 months and a half as I am most hopeful for any L2


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