Are you aware of famous investors and the information they share?

I am sure most of you know of YouTubers that share great information, _knowledge_, and wisdom, and also some YouTubers that shill their favorite pump and dump (P&D) schemes, so that their followers can use that information to buy high and sell low (BH&SL), because you need a lot of people doing BH&SL for a proper P&D.

But I am not asking about that kind of people, today I am once again asking you about more veteran investors that have a track of good investments (and some terrible mistakes) spanning over decades. Investors like Warren Buffet, Charlie Munger, Jim Simons, Ray Dalio, or Peter Lynch. The kind of people that manage billions in investments and write books.

For an analogy: Einstein revolutionized physics beyond Newtonian physics, but he did through knowledge of Newtonian physics, not disregarding them.

Some people will consider the investment _knowledge_ of the classics something fundamental to know, the basics. Some people will consider that as useless, or outdated, and many other options. Please state your opinion in a comment if the poll options do not reflect it.

Thank you all.

PS: if you are wondering about the italics, the word _knowledge_ is forever tainted for me, due to Tai Lopez.

# Question: Are you aware of famous investors, their advice and shared _knowledge_?

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10 thoughts on “Are you aware of famous investors and the information they share?”

  1. Aware of them yes. Do I follow any of them? Absolutely not!!

    Those who truly make it don’t share it to the world, certainly not for free.


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