Are You All Starting to Understand Toxic AF Bitcoin Maxis Now?

New crypto users often mistake the conduct and attitudes from experienced Bitcoiners as them just trying to protect BTC bags and “outdated technology”. What new users don’t understand is that these people HAVE SEEN SOME SHIT.

Imagine living through not just the Terra/Luna meltdown but also witnessing Bitconect, The DAO hack, Mt Gox, and hundreds of shitcoins, rug pulls, ponzis, and exchange hacks. Imagine getting burned yourself (perhaps several times) and then watching it constantly happen to new people. Imagine how every four years, right after the Bitcoin halvening, all these new people show up with their “new toys”. (2013 alt coins, 2017 icos, 2021 NFTs) and zero experience and stubbornness and watch as they completely ignore the advice from people who have spent years in this space.

Bitcoin is just different. There is no leader. There is no premine. There is no changing the finite supply or the economic properties. Its real decentralized money and the reason we even understand the word “blockchain” today.

Here’s to all the new Bitcoin maxis that will be born during this crypto winter. May you be toxic af and may you do a better job protecting new retail investors than the SEC ever has.

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45 thoughts on “Are You All Starting to Understand Toxic AF Bitcoin Maxis Now?”

  1. Forgive me for looking OP, but I can’t help but notice you were using UST and Anchor a few months ago. Did you see the writing on the wall and bail in good time, or is this post coming from a place of your own recent burning?

  2. 3 reddit accounts, 2 exchange hacks, a half dozen friends losing keys to 100+ BTC wallets, onecoin casualties, shit.. even that XRP blip on BitMex 4 years ago that liquidated like a billion people..

    If you been in cryptocurrency for 5+ years, youre like that guy in the trenches laughing at the new recruits getting snipes.

    The LUNA crash was def pretty fucking hardcore. Another epoch in the CC timeline.

    I’m not throwing shade, I still have sympathy for the situation. But damn.

  3. Am I the only one that reads Mt Gox as *Mount Gox*, as if rather than standing for *Magic: The Gathering Online Exchange* it’s actually a huge mountain that you can visit? Perhaps one built out of stolen Bitcoin.

  4. I’ve definitely noticed the longer I’ve been in this space, the more of a BTC maxi I become. I don’t think I’ll ever be 100% BTC because I do believe in novel ideas and growth, but my DYOR period has increased significantly.

  5. I started my portfolio in like 2018 and used this bull run to build an addition onto my house and took out around 20k in cash right when it was crashing initially after ATH.

    Honestly everyone is freaking out about the Luna/UST thing but my portfolio hasn’t even taken a hit like I’ve seen in the past. The drop from a 100k portfolio to around 70k hurt way more honestly.

    It’ll go back up eventually. People are greedy and BTC is a vector for that… just remember to fucking rebalance your portfolio into other stuff.

  6. If I never touched all the Bitcoin I invested in at the beginning of 2017… I would’ve made over x100 what I made from all the altcoins now just leaving it alone.

    Bitcoin was always the most legit investment for people who aren’t good at getting in on & leaving trends at right time.

  7. Toxic Bitcoin maxi here. I don’t care how fast you piss your life savings into the wind but don’t delude yourself in thinking NPC coin #345636 is gonna be the next currency to change the world.

    Just remember: all coins are made out of human greed, your chimpanzee brain turns up its tribalism boner to 11 whenever you invest, you only choose obscure coins because you feel like you missed the wave for bitcoin and you want to make a quick buck.

  8. word, i first discovered bitcoin when it was $30. i have certainly seen some shit.

    i never bought in on luna. had a friend hit me up about it, i missed getting on the train at $25.

    bought $600 at like avg price of 1/700th of a penny. if it goes down another 99.9% i’ll pickup another $100. idgaf, let’s see what happens in a year.

    p.s. not a maxi. usually don’t invest money i’d be uncomfortable watching evaporate, and i’ve watched money evaporate. it’s been a wild ride, i love this space. i fully believe the best years are ahead of us.

  9. Pretty much every cycle – and I’ve been through this myself.

    **Noob enters market:**
    “Wow, crypto is taking off, hmm I’m a bit late to the party, I’ll buy some of these new up and coming buzz word filled shitcoins!”

    **Mania and hype drive altcoin speculation frenzy, as always, it’s a case of getting in earliest:**
    “Woah, shitcoins are booming! Shitcoins are the best! BTC is a fucking dinosaur that shouldn’t even be in the top 100 let alone number 1!”

    **Cycle draws to a close, market starts to tank, vets and pros realise no more money to be made off suckers by holding alts and dump them to go to BTC (and ETH):**
    “Oh noes! My shitcoins are dying… hmm, if this really is a bear market then the same with will happen next time when halvening kicks in and BTC will lead the start of the next bull market! I better sell all my shitcoins and buy BTC instead!”

    **Shitcoins tank further…**

    This pattern just keeps happening thanks to halvening.

  10. I agree with what you have stated that Bitcoin is just different. There is no leader. There is no premine. There is no changing the finite supply or the economic properties. Its real decentralized money and the reason we even understand the word “blockchain” today.

  11. It doesn’t have to turn you into a Bitcoin maximalist, just into a shitcoin minimalist. I’m one of those people who has seen all the things you describe, from Mt Gox to the litecoin-copypaste shitcoin galore between 2013 and 2015. Still, there are projects besides BTC that do focus on fundamentals, tech, and have excellent development and long-term focus. Monero & Decred, are two in the top100 that are like that; there are others of course but I only mention two I’m most familiar with. Invest long-term, focus on tech, avoid daytrading, get rid of get-rich-quick mentality, and you will do well.

  12. “Toxic” btc maxis hold this whole fucking house of cards together on top of bedrock. They are the only reason speculative fuckheads can gamble on crypto in the first place

  13. Was here for Luna/Terra, still have my 2fa code from Mount Gox, Vern from Cryptsy, poloenix, btc-e, and the list goes on.

    Watching Litecoin fall from $50 to $2 and Dash from $1600 to $40 and Eth from $1200 to $80.

    Idk how but boys I still love me some shitcoins! Obviously gotta have a bag of BTC and it’s best if they were bought under $100!

  14. Being “toxic af” definitely doesn’t help the retail investors lol it’s ok to be that way if you want but you shouldn’t think it’s helping your cause. If anything if new investors come into contact with the most rabid maxis it’s more likely to encourage them to diversify more in order to distance themselves from that community… although that said anyone letting a bunch of people being dicks on the internet seriously influence their investments probably deserves whatever comes of that.

  15. Ehh I disagree. Yes most coins are trash, but that’s what brings relevancy and new tech into the market. If it was only bitcoin, no one would care and it would have never grown to what it is today. If anything, ETH was needed for all the next level growth to spur, because that’s what most of these coins try to “one up”

    But hey, what do I know lol

  16. Bitcoin is more resilient than a lot of other crypto projects but lets not pretend that this latest crash validates their maxism or toxicity in any way. There is and will continue to be more than one successful crypto project. We do not live in a binary world.

  17. I never understood the logic of being a BTC or ETH maxi. You like the crypto space, see it as being 100k/200k/500k a coin one day but think it’s just going to happen on its own? You need the entire crypto space (minus these rug pulls and other little to no functionality alts). The crypto space as a whole is what’s going to drive innovation and adoption. Why can’t we support a coin like BTC, accepting it had laid the foundation for the crypto space, and also accept the good that comes from that innovation.

    Being a toxic maxi is just going to drive people away from the space. As silly as doge is, it brought in new people, those new people discovered BTC and ETH through a meme coin and some of them educated themselves on the space and are now new cryptobros/sisters.

    I got banned from the Bitcoin subreddit for answering a question where someone else mentioned an alt coin. How far does someone’s head need to be up their ass to have that mindset?

    Granted not all BTC supporters are like that but a toxic environment anywhere will not flourish and will turn people away from it. BTC and ETH aren’t going to be the only things alive in 5/10/20 years. The payment sector is evolving and the use-cases for blockchain tech is rapidly growing. Call a scam a scam, DYOR, but don’t say “there is no leader” while implying there is only 1 leader.

    BTC is here to stay and I am super excited for it. But I’m also excited for everything else that comes with it.

  18. Being a BTC maxi means being ignorant of everything else going on in the crypto space, good and bad.

    I love Bitcoin but I’m not down with that.

  19. Theres no shame in it. We all had to go through it. I was stacking feathercoin and groestlecoin in early 2017 lmfao. They all blew up and it was bitcoon maxi for me.

    Seriously, your darling coin, the one you are so sure of. The one you dca into every dip. The one you have the day dreams about your future with. It needs to go to 0 before you ascend.

  20. Next week Bitcoin maxis celebrate Bitcoin pizza day where 10000 btc bought 2 pizzas. This week, 10000 Luna can’t even buy a ketchup sandwich.

  21. I’ve been in the space for several years now, but I still don’t understand BTC maxis. They believe that Satoshi created a completely new technology in the perfect way on their first try. Any other use cases are simply wrong and there is no need for technological advances at all.

    This has never been the case in all of human history. All technological advances have been done iteratively. Something new was invented and over time, through trial and error, improved. So why should Bitcoin be any different?

    I agree with them in that most new blockchain projects will fail, but not that none of them shouldn’t be even tried.

  22. Well said my friend . We have attitudes for a reason . I’m an eth btc maxi own both . I’m very experienced and you all are not .

  23. I get the point of view of BTC/ETH maxis, the life isn’t for me. I want some risk with it. Same reason I’m not all in on APPL/MSFT/GOOG etc

  24. Plus many of them are ideologically libertarian and don’t want governments to regulate crypto so they have to be as forceful as possible in their arguments.

  25. I respect bitcoin maxis for their loyalty to their coin, but only if theyve ever actually stuck by bitcoin and bitcoin alone. Theres plenty of the ones who call themselves bitcoin maxis but got rich from some shitcoin or an altcoin early on, and like to shit on other people who invest in solid alts anyway

    Lets not forget the bitcoin maxis like in a certain subreddit who call any other coin than bitcoin a shitcoin.

    Just own up to it.

  26. People need to realize that it is gambling without knowing your odds, until proper adoption and sensible use it will be a gambling/ponzi game.


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