Are there new crypto projects from popular crypto persons in sight?

Hi, I have realized that all the crypto projects of well-known people in the crypto space have skyrocketed in the last couple of years.

For example:

Cardano – Charles Hoskinson
Polkadot – Gavin Wood
Kadena – Stuart Popejoy

I am wondering, if there are young projects of people that have a well-known history in crypto or if a well-known person has announced a project.

I think a known name and connections are helpful for projects. Would love to get some ideas or projects that are flying under the radar.

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9 thoughts on “Are there new crypto projects from popular crypto persons in sight?”

  1. I’m personally looking at F1 new season.

    Different projects being sponsors on the top teams:

    Tezos for Redbull and McLaren
    Fantom for Alfa Tauri

    CDC naming the Miami GP for 9 years, Exchanges sponsoring teams as well.

    F1 will be a big scenario for crypto

  2. Be sure to do a lot of research on any relatively new crypto.. Anyone can create a new coin and claim it’s “backed by _____” but that doesn’t mean it’s true. Getting in on a new project early can pay off, but the sad reality is, the vast majority of new projects end up being scams or rug pulls.

  3. so I’d say GALA is becoming pretty well known. and the same people have a bunch of new projects coming out.

    Connect united has 3 projects live right now (Green, Blue, Switch) with a bunch more coming up. you can buy and operate nodes for the decentralized networks for each blockchain. It’s definitely something I was happy to find. I’d suggest taking a look.


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