Are the meme coins just going to keep on coming?

I mean generally: do you think we’ll keep getting these big meme coins which reach ridiculous market caps on hype alone within crypto?

Is this type of gambling a fad or will new names just keep coming? Last year it was first Doge and then Shib; this year it seems to be APE.

I wonder if we see the same in stocks? It’s certainly the way with physical items (e.g., gaming collectibles, stuffed toys, trading cards, etc.). Maybe it’s just human nature and this is the next incarnation of that? It’s clear that meme coins themselves are intended to have little longevity; I’m just not sure if the medium will peter out (i.e., will the obsession with the meme side of crypto remain or will it be replaced with something physical or another digital movement?). Am interested to read what you think.

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44 thoughts on “Are the meme coins just going to keep on coming?”

  1. DOGE has been here since 2013 and survived the crypto winter. I think it will stay forever. It’s like the bitcoin of shitcoins.

  2. I’m hoping there will be focus on meme coins with utility (e.g. Banano)

    Memes with low fees and inflation are rare

  3. I mean, yes. Memes, by definition, are an element of a culture or system of behavior that may be considered to be passed from one individual to another by no genetic means, especially imitation.

    They will keep evolving, much like the memes of the internet.

  4. Well , memes invite and band people together, and with gaining crypto trend, I think there will be more meme coins which can promise a good time

  5. There are no real assets anymore. This is why real estate is booming like crazy, because it’s the last hard, physical asset you can sink your money into in this economy. Countries owe their entire GDP in debt. That shit is never getting paid back. So how do you make money now? Memes, engagement, clicks, ape coins, virality, etc.. As long as money isn’t tied to anything and governments keep pulling money out of their asshole, we’re going to keep getting products based purely on marketing rather than anything tangible.

    This extends to other areas, such as politics. You think people care about policies? Hell nah. Why do you think Donald Trump got elected? Dude was a walking, talking meme. The establishment got lucky and rigged things so a geriatric is in charge for another few years, but in the future we’ll see more meme politicians because that’s how you engage in today’s information economy. It’s all about optics. Optics sell. Substance costs and so loses money.

  6. Yep and the gains are gonna dilute more and more. There’s only a finite amount of money held by people dumb enough to buy them.

  7. We vote with our money. So we are literally voting for more memecoins. As someone who sniped farm tokens for a couple months I can say that even with zero utility, purpose, or product, the money kept flowing in.

    The developer wins. The early early investors win, everyone else loses.

    But we keep buying. So people keep making them. I hate it though.

  8. Yes. They’ve shown hype is arguably more important than use case and fundamentals in the short term and there’s never a shortage of foolish people trying to get rich quick.

  9. Every financial space from the beginning of time has had greedy people trying to make quick profit

    Also Remember the increasing popularity of crypto is occurring at the same time as the pandemic. Millions are still on unemployment and with everything going on in the world: people just trying to make money

    Crypto is still new in the eyes of many. People see the “dogecoin millionaire” and similar stories

    People see the NFT/bored ape craze

    Long story short: crypto is just another way for people to make money

    I think we get so caught up in this space we forget this thing called **THE REAL WORLD**

    Wondering why people fall for Memes and NFTs is essentially questioning why are people acting like…..people. Folks have done far worse things for money and will continue too especially in the times we are living in

    There’s always going to be a place for memes and whatever else people feel they can possibly get rich off of.

  10. I cant even think of a thing that would stop scammers creating new scams. Perhaps giving them purpose, meaning resources or ethics in their life so they dont scam.

  11. I think so, at least until the market matures. New people coming in see how “cheap” they are and buy a ton thinking it’s gonna make them rich.

  12. No. That would require people to behave irrationally and buy into obvious pump and dumps, and if history has proven one thing it’s that– Oh…

  13. Yes. Memecoins, cashgrabs, scams, etc. will only cease to exist once there is no more money in crypto world. Its not a hard concept to grasp.


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