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Good evening passionate cryptonians.

I am an investor and entrepreneur with a wide-ranging background in various business ventures and a host of other interests that has been in blockchain tech for about 6 years now and am slowly approaching the moment of wanting to branch into a venture I am very passionate about.

There lies a video made by the infamous Bitboy crypto that is titled “The internet is rotting away”.
Regardless of your feelings towards Bitboy I suggest watching it if you haven’t.
In it, he covers a topic regarding literature, censorship and the re-writing of books, put simply.

I am trying to be pointed in the direction of some decentralized blockchain or DLT projects that would be interested in archiving the literature, commentary and letters of famous, timeless authors to be stored for as long as the network remains.
However I would not know where to start in the community and would like to know if anybody on here is familiar with is is already actively following some developers whose focus is along those lines.
Can anybody point in that direction?

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