Anyone here using a crypto 401k or IRA / Roth IRA?

When you see that [Bitcoin has been the best performing asset class of the past decade]( it becomes pretty hard to ignore. To be sure, I’m **not** talking about chasing gains with highly volatile crypto currencies, but rather just investing in Bitcoin and maybe Etherem, which are considered relatively “safe” as far as the crypto space is concerned. I want to use the same “buy and hold” mentality that one would use for an index fund like VTSAX.

For my personal situation, I didn’t start my career until I was 30 and didn’t really start taking investing for my retirement seriously for a few years after that, so I’m a little bit behind for [the purported $102k ideal to have in your retirement accounts by 40.](

I’m a huge fan of Bitcoin (and Etherem) so was wondering if a crypto 401k or Roth IRA might be a good idea….in addition to my traditional accounts? I’ve read that you can open multiple retirement accounts, but the contribution limits are (of course) still fixed, not increased. I have crypto in a cold wallet and in some [crypto savings accounts]( but it would be better to use a tax-advantaged account if possible.

Thoughts and feedback greatly appreciated. TIA

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7 thoughts on “Anyone here using a crypto 401k or IRA / Roth IRA?”

  1. There are a few crypto IRA custodians. I think they are charging crazy fees though. ie. monthly fees and high fees to sell and purchase (some charge as much as 10-15 percent). Also since it’s an retirement account, i’m not sure you can move your cryptos off of your custodial account. If you do, it might be a taxable event.


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