Anyone Here on BBS Network “The Reddit Killer”

Just recently heard about this thing called the BBS Network, haven’t had a chance to dig into it in depth but people are referring to it as “The Reddit Killer”. It’s basically a Reddit clone but is supposed to be censorship resistant, every post is essentially an NFT and you earn crypto for participating. Haven’t had a chance to dive in yet but I guess everyone can create their own message boards or subreddits. It’s kind of funny I just heard about it yesterday as just the other day I was kind of reminiscing about the old days of forums and was wishing someone would come out with some type of forum system run on blockchain or which integrated crypto somehow.

Now I will say I hate how in the crypto space everything is a xyz killer. This app is a Facebook Killer, this app is an Instagram Killer. Imagine if every other industry did this, some guy starts a donut shop and starts running around talking about how his Donuts are the Krispie Kreme Killers, it’s just kind of silly.

Anyhow, I’ve seen a lot of social network and web3.0 sites popup wanting to replace the current social media platforms run by big tech and while some have developed nice small little niche communities, let’s not kid ourselves none of these platforms come anywhere close to mainstream social media sites either in terms of user experience or quality of content. I’ve been on Steemit, Hive, LeoFinance and honestly when I spend time on these sites I honestly don’t enjoy it that much I’m kind of playing the game trying to earn crypto or just hoping to get in on something early and willing to putup with slogging along not really enjoying myself.

Anyhow, this BBS Network seemed interseting, unfortunately when I look it up on YOutube there’s like 3 videos on it and it’s all made by guys in India which just kind of gives me the vibe it’s something like Steemit where its only worth spending hours to earn pennies if you live in a very cheap cost of living country.

Let me know if its worth my time to checkout in more depth

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6 thoughts on “Anyone Here on BBS Network “The Reddit Killer””

  1. The idea of a decentralized social media platform is definitely attractive but I don’t think we’re there just yet. This project seems to have limited data and it may just be getting off the ground or it might just be a scam by some people. Looking into it more wouldn’t hurt, but using it worth crypto or linking it to wallets is risky at this stage imo.

  2. Most of these “killers” are run just like centralised sites anyway.. CEO, founders, backers etc. They have a few little glimpses of decentralisation, but are in it for the money like everyone else. (BBS might be open source though).


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