Anyone falling for rugpulls of coins named after something recently popular, please STOP buying them.

Might be a couple of you guilty right now reading this. Time and time again new coins popping up with popular names (i.e. Lets go Brandon, Squidgame, etc.) turning into rugpulls and folks still buying this shit. Con men and women will forever prey on those that think they can get rich quick by buying one of these up and coming rugpull coins only to find out its a scam run by a bunch of scam artists.

Take a step back and assess what it is you are actually buying, read the whitepaper if you have the time to do so, and DYOR. Most of these scam coins that are like a growing zit that will eventually pop are easy to spot.

Stick with what has been around and has proven itself. I’m not saying to buy only BTC, ETH, and all the other top 10 coins, feel free to buy some meme coins, but please buy the ones that are proven.

With so many popping up every week if your considering buying the new shiny “popular” coin, you should think twice and slap yourself for even considering it. Otherwise just start flushing your hard earned money down the crapper!!

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22 thoughts on “Anyone falling for rugpulls of coins named after something recently popular, please STOP buying them.”

  1. I see what you’re saying, but have a good feeling about KanyeValentinesMeltdown Token. The fundamentals are insane.

  2. Shitcoins, rugpulls, scams

    There’s a lot that needs to be cleaned up in the crypto space otherwise new adopters are going to get rekt

  3. I would never fall for a rugpull. Never. I only buy coins with good fundamentals and utility. That’s why I got me some PutinCoin. And TruckersBlockingCoin. Even dabbled in OlympicCoin. Yeah I’m gonna be rich mofo’s!

  4. So I shouldn’t be buying SBHTS (Super Bowl Half Time Show) ? They have no white paper but they gonna post that soon? Why shouldn’t I invest in a coin with empty promises and no long term goals?

  5. MY wife’s boyfriend said, we whales don’t buy top coin to make $, but it only acts as a stabiliser, we make our $ in low cap but insightful projects.

    He then said, history is filled with too many almost. Take a leap of faith and then added DYOR and NFA 😂

  6. RussianInvasionofUkraineCoin $RuUk
    New BSC Smart contract coin, 100 Qiintillion Supply 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🌙🌙🌕🌕

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