Anyone ever heard of/used

So, I think my mom got scammed. As part of it, she was directed to an account on – but from what I can find this website (though very professional looking) has only existed for a month. Has anyone heard of it before? I’m trying to track down whether it was a lone scam artist or the entire site itself is designed to be part of it.

She was provided the login and asked to move money out of an account to another wallet; as she tells it, it took the new ‘boyfriend’ 3 hours on FaceTime just to help my (elderly) mother navigate the login and fill in wallet information. The website then said the user’s agreement on transfers was that 6% of the requested transfer needed to be deposited into one of their automated machines. Obviously, my mom is doing no such thing. She’s on a fixed income and here is about where her common sense kicked in.

…then she called me. I’m trying to see if there’s anything to do/protect her/report him/take down the site?

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  1. The domain name alone gives me cancer how can one even dare to trust this site?

    Your mom’s common sense did a great job protecting her. She should stay cautious.

  2. Hello LadyLynn. It looks like you might have found a new scam? If so, please report this scam by crossposting to r/CryptoScams, r/CryptoScamReport, or visiting []( For tips on how to avoid scams, [click here](

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  3. Scam. I work in tech, had a guy talk to me about how is new (online) gf told him about crypto. She stole 25k from him. Tell your mom to drop the boy.


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