Anybody have any ENS domains?

Lately I’ve been getting more into ENS domains (Ethereum Naming Service) looks like a pretty good business to be in. There has been some pretty big sales and brands such as Puma, Budweiser, 1-800-flowers, Hublot and others have been sporting a .eth. anyone here have any domains?

I’ve been loading up on some names (no brand names though, I’m not a fan of squatting) this is a good distraction from constantly checking the price. There are also some updates such as subdomains coming out in August, so I think it’s going to gain some traction from that.

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9 thoughts on “Anybody have any ENS domains?”

  1. What is wrong with squatting? If you can buy a domain name then sell it to Budweiser or Sony a few years later for three million dollars then more power to you.

  2. Got andywarhol.eth – I’m totally squatting tf why not? Someone important is gonna want it someday and I’ll happily sell it 😌

  3. Yes, quite a few.

    Super useful to have them for your main accounts when sending tokens – takes away a lot of anxiety of checking addresses.

  4. My one question/concern about ENS is: say your name is Han Solo, and you buy HanSolo.eth, doesn’t that ruin any anonymity you had for the associated wallet?

    Then anyone can track any transactions to/from that wallet as usual, but now they know that Han Solo’s the one doing business there? Doesn’t that expose you to more potential scammers and scoundrels?

  5. I have a few Unstoppable Domains. Basically the same thing I think, but you keep the URL permanently for a one off fee. No renewals


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