Anybody else taking « get a job » advice to the extremes?

All I’m hoping for is for this current market situation to last for few months so I can accumulate as much cash as possible and then fingers crossed for a major capitulation moment (yes I’m a dreamer) where I can drop all that saved cash into the market and watch the prices pump. I’ve picked two extra side jobs recently and am averaging 92hrs/week which as long as you prioritise sleep and recovery is actually not that bad. I mean there’s not really time for anything else, I have one evening off that I use purely for recovery (all my jobs as physically demanding) but it feels like the right thing to do in the current climate. On the plus side I don’t actually spend anything because I’m always at work!

I’m covering for all my colleagues this Easter. They are happy to send time with their families and I’m happy doing five 16-hour shifts in a row. Everyone thinks I’m mad but I’m really hoping this will pay off, if not this year then maybe beginning of the next year.

Anybody else doing similar sacrifices or thinking about getting a side gig to support your crypto investment?

Edit: I work 6am-12 Monday- Friday in one of my jobs, 2pm-11pm Monday- Friday in my other job and picked up a janitor gig 7am-7pm on Saturday and Sunday. I nap on my break and go to sleep straight after I get home. And I make sure I eat well 🙂

Edit 2: thanks for all the concerns and all the well wishes everyone!

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25 thoughts on “Anybody else taking « get a job » advice to the extremes?”

  1. Bro I’ve been working 7 days , 70 plus hours a week for like 2 years doing the same thing…TRUST THE PROCESS. 😭🙏 Keep grinding.

  2. I cross my fingers for your mental health. And hope that the market won’t crash a year from now, where you expect gains. And that when there are red numbers, you will be laid back and relaxed.

  3. At the beginning of this year, I got a weekend freelance gig that pays in BTC. It got me a nice chunk of change. The downside is that I haven’t had a decent weekend off in 2022 and it’s taking its toll on me and my life. I’m exhausted, missing events, neglecting my girlfriend, friends and family. So today is the last weekend I’m doing this.

    Making money is nice, but at some point you also need to live.

  4. Good luck with that, you might achieve burnout long before financial freedom is my note of caution to you.

    Even 50 hours a week is too much.

  5. Is crypto your only investment?

    I used to work a lot. I own a company. I worked almost everyday for 10 years. I’ve slowed down alot recently. Careful working too much specially if your not that type of person. Some people can handle it.some can’t

  6. I’ve thought about getting a second full time job in some basic computer field. I can write scripts and a lot of positions can be mostly handled by coding. That’s basically what I do at my current job (writing scripts that do my job and other people’s jobs for them at the click of a button or after filling out a template). If I could find more jobs like that and they were remote, I could easily work multiple ones at once.

  7. I been on the DCA train for the last 18 months working 6 days a week 65-70 hours a week. I’m burnt out now so come on Market let’s have a pump

  8. 92 hours a week is just insane. I learnt very quickly nobody gives a fuck if you work extra hours for free, very rarely do you get noticed and reimbursed for it.

  9. Man 92h/w sounds intense, but everyone has their own limits for what they can manage, and if you’re making it work, that’s amazing.

    Just make sure you don’t burn out. Be on the lookout for warning signs. It’s crazy how long it takes to recover if you hit the wall.

  10. I work 50 hours a week and am wondering, when do you have time to get drunk? That’s the only way I survive working 50 hours a week

  11. I am in a similar situation as you. I am planning to quit my job this year and focus on my own projects. I am also counting on a bull run to make money.

    My advice to you is take care of your rest, mentally and physically.

    Having many jobs may not be the most efficient way for grinding, instead you could consider crypto investment as a job and do the proper research on new projects. I am personally doing this and some of my investment did 100X, equivalent to years of my current salary.

    May the Gods be in our side.

  12. 92 hours a week!

    r/overemployed here

    It’s great to have a fiat mining gig, but your mental health and physical health matter too.


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