Any P2E crypto/ NFT projects you would like to share?

It feels like P2E is going to be the next wave in crypto.Games like Axie Infinity are great but unattainable for majority of the population.

I have seen other projects such as [Jacked Rabbit Gym Club]( that promote a “Workout-To-Earn” feature.

However I would love to find other cool projects in the space that allow for P2E tokenomics.

I personally love the idea of earning a passive income from a variety of sources and have seen especially in developing nations that this has been a major help to individuals. Would love find other projects so please list them below 👇

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13 thoughts on “Any P2E crypto/ NFT projects you would like to share?”

  1. I second Gods Unchained, they are doing an event every weekend where you can get NFTs and Gods tokens depending on your wins and rank, it’s very P2E friendly as many people didn’t spend a dime on it

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  3. Cost of axies has been dramatically reduced in price. You can get a team for 100-150$.

    They are also releasing origin soon. Which will revamp the entire game. Its like a new start kinda.

  4. Search HexagonsGame on Twitter. This will be a game-changer, literally… Twitter is getting involved and linking NFTs as profile pics. Users of selected collections will be able to challenge others in p2e battles via Twitter and win the crypto assets associated with the opponent’s NFT.

    This is a collaborative initiative of GodsUnchained, pNetwork, Noku and I think more will join. Different NFTs collections will be participating in these games, but if you wanna see one that’s gonna be in, check YoloParrots on Binance Marketplace.


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