Any new crypto mining projects that you’d like to share?

I’m fairly new to crypto – dabbled in 2018. More heavy into it the past 12 months. I would like to get a conversation started on the following.

-Can we get a discussion going on some new crypto mining projects? What new projects have you heard of that require a mining device with a reasonable ROI that provides something valuable for real-world use.

Forgive me if there is another sub/ post for this.

I do some GPU mining; I have 3 rigs with close to 900mh on ethhash. I will be converting them to flux or rvn after eth 2.0. I am currently mining helium with 1 hot spot, patiently waiting for my second, and I’ve been mining planets for a bit as well.

I wanna hear from the community on any other projects where we can ROI pretty quick and help strengthen and grow the project.

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7 thoughts on “Any new crypto mining projects that you’d like to share?”

  1. Take a look at Ergo. I think it will become very popular soon, especially after the ETH difficulty bomb comes into place this summer.

  2. Gridcoin – You contribute processing power directly to scientific research (CPU or GPU) and get coins in the process. I can’t think of a more interesting way to use your processing power, or a more asic-resistant one. The projects change constantly, so even if you make an ASIC it becomes a moot point immediately. Plus, you might just cure a disease or find a new black hole.

  3. I’d recommend looking into connect. they have a bunch of different projects coming out. 3 currently active.

    Switch is my favorite. an new crypto debit card. theyre working towards instant crypto to fiat when you swipe your card.

    they have others you can look into. you buy the node license, then you can mine the coin. each project will have a maximum of 50 bil coins. they mine 25 bil in the first year then halve every year after. but they have plans to reward node owners in the future when we get close to having all coins mined.

    feel free to DM me if you have any interest or questions. I’m not with the company but I’ve bought nodes and believe in it.

  4. Not worth anything yet but I mined a shit load of hive coin in case it ever gets listed or something. I’ve been having decent luck solo mining eth classic as well since i have a lot of 4 gb cards still


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