Any ethical hackers out there?

I don’t expect real help, but I also have nothing to lose so here…

Of course the only people who are going to reply are going to try to rob me… but I’ve already been robbed today. So yay numb

I actually made a mistake.
I bought btc thru
I went to transfer to my defi wallet.
Easy right?

Ha, it turns out it wasn’t connected to the app, I was prompt to create new wallet.

Which I did, and I figured, it’s to defi wallet, it will sync. No worries!

Ha, fool x2 already.

So I contact support and between 33 emails I get told, find your old wallet key. And have a nice day.

To my recollection, to include my app download history. I have never downloaded the DeFi wallet app.

Anyway, the funds $1510 are sitting in a random wallet. I got the hash info.

Support told me because it’s on the defi wallet I’m on my own. So… I need a dengen to help me. (And not rob me at the same time)

Hack my “old” wallet . Plz

You can keep half <3 (if you could do it you could just take it all… Im aware)

Tdlr: I bought btc, sent it to a DeFi wallet, then created the DeFi wallet. Definitely wrong order.

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19 thoughts on “Any ethical hackers out there?”

  1. All your gonna do is get hit with recovery scammers claiming they can get the coin back but they are just gonna steal more from you. No one can get the funds back.

  2. >Ha, fool x2 already

    “There’s an old saying in Tennessee—I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee—that says, ‘Fool me once, shame on…shame on you. Fool me—you can’t get fooled again.”

  3. Will you be able to even move it from that wallet?

    Disclosure…. I can’t help, and do t get tied up talking to me if someone else chimes in and has a solution.

    A little surprised they cannot do something from their side.

  4. Post the wallet address if your truthful there should only be one transaction on the blockchain with the $1510 worth of bitcoin in it?

    If you didn’t backup your wallet recovery 🗝 it’s still possible but it will take a while.

    Edit: the only thing that’s going to make your case beleiveable is if you send the smallest amount of bitcoin to another address that’s asked of you so it can be verified you actually owned the funds where you sent the $1510 from this will at least make your story sort of credible. Then someone will probably reach out and help you.

  5. There is no way to recover the funds. It’s possible it’s a wallet no one even owns.

    I still don’t understand exactly what you did, but you’re wasting your time trying to get this back.

    When I made a DeFi wallet with CDC, I had the option to link the wallets between the CDC app and the CDC DeFi app, and the the CDC app allows you to transfer directly to it without having to enter a wallet address.

  6. It’s there alright.


    Bummer, I don’t know how you sent it to that wallet addy if you didn’t create it or have it in your history of wallet addys.

  7. >Of course the only people who are going to reply are going to try to rob me…

    You ask for our help and the very next thing you do is insult us. Well fuck you too.

  8. If you don’t have the keys, there is probably nothing you can do. Your best bet it to look around to see if you stored the private somewhere and forgot about it. Maybe check your gallery for a screenshot of the keys.

  9. Are you sure it’s not on exchange? The exchange is accessed through a browser, while the app wallet and the defi wallet are done via mobile app.

  10. Next time start with a small test transaction to make sure it goes through properly. Sorry for your sacrifice. 0.04BTC no one will hodl again, damn

  11. I assume you’re outside of the US if you were using the CDC exchange instead of the mobile app.

    Can you post some of the screenshots to prove your purchase and sending of the funds? It’d be extra trustworthy to see another transaction from the original “send” address in a specific amount to any other wallet, to verify you were the original owner of the sending address.


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