Anime and P2E markets?

Asuna Inu had an AMA last night where they introduced the dev team and talked about their road map and white paper. They are an Anime token with a relaunched P2E , it was recently taken over by an entirely new team. I am wondering what your thoughts are about Anime tokens in general, and P2E games? Are there certain Anime character with a larger draw? Is Asuna of any special interest? If so, to who? Are there certain P2E games more likely to be played? Is this market saturated? This area of the crypto market intrigues me but I have little knowledge of it! But, with so many other projects being development are there other emerging areas or markets with larger growth opportunities? Are there other coins like Asuna Inu ( market cap 700k & less than 5k holders) with better upside? Any insight on this topic would be appreciated!

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4 thoughts on “Anime and P2E markets?”

  1. My thought is on crypto named as “Inu”.. please try to stay away from these…

    We’re in a bear market, I suggest look at solid projects like BTC and ETH that will protect ur investment this winter

  2. Asuna is from Sword Art Online, pretty popular waifu material if we are talking in anime community.

    Attaching “Inu” means the project is desperate to get attention. It just make no sense and treat it with a giant red flag.

  3. just think about the premise of P2E for a moment,

    then look how the current traditional economy of games development works.

    Honestly tell me how then you think that Play to earn means EVERYONE will earn playing the game?

    because thats not how economy works.

    You build a product, people buy that product and use it for its worth, the devs are paid from the profit of the sale.

    in the blockchain dream P2E model, you use a product and it pays you, it pays the devs too, so……… how does that happen?

    this is going to end bad for a multitude of people.


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