And Just Like That BTC is Back To $38K, peaking at 39.9K, This Sub Overreacts Yet Again…

And just like that BTC is back to $38k, peaking at 39.9k. This is higher than BTC ($36.5K) was before the war was declared,
How many posts did we see embracing crypto winter? Telling people not to catch a falling knife? Not to buy the dip because the war will escalate?

I’m not saying the dip is over or the war is over or anything like that. But it’s evident that sentiment flips on a dime in this sub. And you should never ever take financial advice from the general consensus in this sub. The sub as a whole is wrong so many times per month, yet people keep making the same posts with the same confidence saying “This time BTC is done, the winter is here” ETC.
How many times are you gonna be wrong before you realize it’s impossible to predict where this wild ride is going?

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27 thoughts on “And Just Like That BTC is Back To $38K, peaking at 39.9K, This Sub Overreacts Yet Again…”

  1. The most impressive number to me is 45.7 Billion. That’s the trade volume over 24 hours. We haven’t seen volume near this since back during the bull run in November. I find this to be far more comforting than the actual price of bitcoin.

  2. Idk mate, I saw posts saying both buy the dip and don’t buy the dip. Since all sides are covered, there’s always someone here that’s gonna get it right.

  3. Your literally doing the same thing but in the opposite direction. One 15 minute spike and your implying the macroeconomy / markets are suddenly ok?

    This blip up was just shorts getting liquidated. And will happen again.

    But the war, how long it’ll last, the extent of sanctions and how long, effects on European economy etc is still not completely known. Not to mention still unknown about interest rate hike severity in the US.

    You’re being just as quick to come to conclusion / over reacting as others.

    Until there’s clarity in either direction, the markets aren’t moving back up consistently.

  4. Invasion occurred less than 24 hours ago and you think a small pump means this isn’t the start of a crypto winter?

    Sentiments around here haven’t changed. Majority have been saying that a bear market is pretty inevitable at this point, and to DCA during dips rather than lump sum, as we likely have not hit the bottom yet (and I agree, I think we test $30K at some point).

    You can point out that nobody knows shit about fuck, but claiming people were “wrong about the dip not being the bottom because the war could escalate”? What the actual fuck are you talking about, the war started literally hours ago.

    Fucking hell, this takes the cake as the stupidest post of the day, congrats.

  5. Bro, it’s day one of an invasion and you’re already trying to predict Bitcoin trajectory? Oil is 100$ a barrel right now. Buckle up.

    This sub can be a real clown show sometimes.

  6. The Ukraine volatility is definitely still not over with. We don’t know what will happen. I imagine things could turn into a bloody long term war at any time with the more remote possibilities of more countries including the US to jump in.

    I appreciate your positivity but it’s too soon to tell nothing close to a resolution to what’s going on in the works.

  7. Ummm we have still been on a decline since November and a temporary recovery back to where we were which is still down tells us nothing.

    This post in itself is an over reaction to what’s potentially just a quick temporary recovery.

  8. You say this like everyone on this sub is one homogenous blob and that anyone knows anything about what they are talking about.

  9. This sub is for ENTERTAINMENT purposes and for speculation from people who have absolutely ZERO qualifications to speculate about shit.


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