AnchorUSD tax forms?

So yeah….I know some of you in here have likely had the displeasure of using this complete scam of an app/company. Anyone get anything at all from these guys regarding taxes if you sold any crypto or stock with them for a profit in 2021?

I did some transactions but in the end they ended up stealing some $$ from me.

I’m not convinced they’re actually real and I am wondering if I will even hear from the IRS eventually or not.

If someone reading this has received anything from them please let me know.

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3 thoughts on “AnchorUSD tax forms?”

  1. Hello tossaway69420lol. It looks like you might have found a new scam? If so, pinging u/Abhishekgarg0 so he can report this scam to Please make sure to support him for his efforts.

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