An overwhelming amount of headlines that get upvoted here is confirmation bias rather then objectively correct information.

All I see on this subreddit are misleading titles being upvoted by what seems like people who have no idea what is actually going on past just reading misleading headlines. Learn to think critically and for once, to actually be impartial to whatever bags you may or may not have.

A recent example is the supposed “delay” in Ethereum’s merge. You can’t delay something that never had an agreed upon date. Rather then saying it how is, with Ethereum devs getting closer to a finalized date for the merge, misleading titles get upvoted by people seeking confirmation bias rather then trying to understand what is actually going on in the development process.

It applies to Cardano the same way it applies to Ethereum and any other project. You’ll never succeed in crypto if you keep trying to prove your biases right and refuse to see things for what they actually are. A successful investor considers facts rather then personal feelings.

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27 thoughts on “An overwhelming amount of headlines that get upvoted here is confirmation bias rather then objectively correct information.”

  1. Almost every large subreddit has an army of people paid to promote certain things. It’s no secret. Pay attention to language in posts. Are they trying to convince me of something or are they just laying out facts. That’s my first step in determining the legitimacy of a post.

  2. Yeah and it’s been like this for a while. Sometimes when u/mic_droo is active on this sub, he makes posts criticizing the other misinformation posts. I’m sure others could do it too but not many of us care enough to go through that effort.

  3. I love hearing the two cents from those who have been here a whopping 14 months and haven’t won the lottery yet… only the best investors I know start bitching that soon

  4. An example just now about the price of Cardano.
    Cardano had basicly been following the trend of Bitcoin for the last 6 months or so.

    And then you get this clickbait article hating specifically on the Cardano trend. Bunch of comments under the post saying things about the trend of ADA that are straight up lies.

    Its so sad to see this FUD and lies spreading this way…

  5. You mean headlines like 13 year-old sold nft for 100 milion dollars….But legit NFT projects like Crayon dao that help raise money to help local museum stay in business,and now they are selling real museum artifacts usin NFTs and actually bring crypto and real world.

  6. Sir this is a Wendy’s. We fellate each other behind the dumpster for the juiciest gossip, what did you expect? Then we throw darts, mostly at assholes, but in any case there will be some pumping going on, catch my drift?

    For real though best information to be found here Is scrolling new to find actual info that gets buried by the noise.

  7. Everywhere I go I see negativity about crypto. This is the only place I can really get some good wibes. Keep the positive posts coming guys!


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