An onramp that works 100% of the time – receive $50 of crypto for 15 minutes of your time!

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Introducing Ratio, we’re a fintech company based in Toronto Canada. We’ve built an onramp that works 100% of the time, eliminating high decline rates and high processing fees. We’re making it easy to transfer funds from your bank account to any crypto wallet. We think this will mean more dollars in wallets, which means more crypto adoption.

Our platform has been live for a few months and we have a few dozen alpha testers. We’re opening up a private beta this week and looking for US residents (excluding residents of NY and HI) to provide feedback and inform the future of our product roadmap. We are currently onboarding beta users 1 on 1 through a 15-minute Zoom call (no video required).

All eligible participants will receive $50 worth of crypto (you decide the crypto) straight to the wallet of their choice!

To join the beta, please head to []( and sign up to be added to the waitlist. We’ll be in touch with your invite within one day.

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13 thoughts on “An onramp that works 100% of the time – receive $50 of crypto for 15 minutes of your time!”

  1. What’s the benefit of using your service over wiring funds directly to your exchange of choice or is this more a solution for folk who like to buy via card payment?

  2. Can I transfer via ACH instantly? If I have to use Plaid, there is zero efn chance I will use the service.

    I want something like’s Visa card. It was instant and free ach transfer. I’m sure they were on the hitch as the transaction settled. Unfortunately they now charge a fee.

  3. Just signed up for the beta. I’m definitely interested in trying it out. On ramping in Canada isn’t easy. Things like Moonpay fail for me 100% of the time.


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