Americans – where are you getting your XRP these days?

I just logged into all of my non-KYC verified accounts to try to get XRP, and realized that everything has changed since I last bought. I’m an American citizen so I always used a non-verified Binance account (I’m not slinging around enough weight for the lower withdrawal limits to matter to me). But it seems that the world of crypto has cracked down – can’t do shit on Binance, []( and Kucoin won’t even let me deposit USDT into my account because it says that service is “temporarily discontinued in my territory”.

So what can I do about this? And what about the XRP that I already have if/when I ever want to sell it? Am I just going to have to wait until the SEC case is finished and XRP is relisted on every platform?

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16 thoughts on “Americans – where are you getting your XRP these days?”

  1. I’m KYC’d with Uphold and have used them for several years. I usually convert BAT that I’ve earned through Brave browser. I’ve never had a problem with Uphold but according to reddit your experience could be quite different. Withdrawal frees are reasonable aside from ERC-20 tokens (could be better now with lower gas).


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