Americans – where are you getting your XRP these days?

I just logged into all of my non-KYC verified accounts to try to get XRP, and realized that everything has changed since I last bought. I’m an American citizen so I always used a non-verified Binance account (I’m not slinging around enough weight for the lower withdrawal limits to matter to me). But it seems that the world of crypto has cracked down – can’t do shit on Binance, []( and Kucoin won’t even let me deposit USDT into my account because it says that service is “temporarily discontinued in my territory”.

So what can I do about this? And what about the XRP that I already have if/when I ever want to sell it? Am I just going to have to wait until the SEC case is finished and XRP is relisted on every platform?

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16 thoughts on “Americans – where are you getting your XRP these days?”

  1. I use Kucoin and I’m also in the US, I’m not sure why your seeing that error but you should be able to use them.

    I’ve heard of people using uphold as well for XRP

  2. What state are you in?

    I’m able to use KuCoin just fine, and I’m in one of the most crypto regulated states in the country.

  3. I use kucoin in the US but I havent tried to deposit fiat directly. You could deposit to coinbase, kraken, or and then send the crypto to kucoin to buy XRP.

  4. Buy bitcoin through cashapp…send to a non-kyc exchange such as coinex or mexc…swap to usdt…buy xrp…yes you can be taxed for the btc conversion but it works

  5. I’m KYC’d with Uphold and have used them for several years. I usually convert BAT that I’ve earned through Brave browser. I’ve never had a problem with Uphold but according to reddit your experience could be quite different. Withdrawal frees are reasonable aside from ERC-20 tokens (could be better now with lower gas).


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