Am I the only one that thinks Polkadots staking system sucks?

I pick active validators, then within a few days most go inactive.

Is there a better place to find low percentage (1-3%) that actually stay active?

I’m not talking about unelected validators, just the ones that keep going inactive all the time.

Two days ago I picked 16 new validators that were all currently elected. I figured that’s a good way to tell that they are valid.

Out of those eight are already inactive.

I just want to pick these and then forget about my staking. I don’t want to have to check and restate every few days. I would prefer to delegate and then not have to look again for a year or more.

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11 thoughts on “Am I the only one that thinks Polkadots staking system sucks?”

  1. Stakers who stake directly on chain should be active though. It helps with ensuring the best validators are always selected which leads to stability and security.

    That’s the point really, if you want to stake in a decentralised way it’s not always the easiest compared to with a cex for many networks however I’m sure it will improve as time goes on.

    It’s still one of the highest rewarding pos networks with inflation taken into account, which makes it a bit more worthwhile being active.

  2. You need 120 DOT (minimum) to stake and you should have at least 160 DOT to be on the approved list of nominators (actually receive rewards). It is pretty ridiculous.

    Rates are pretty steady though. I’m pretty sure this was done intentionally because there was problems with nominating/validating on the network, and to essentially force everyone else to participate in the crowdloans (which is considerably more beneficial).


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