Am i stupid or did i actually got hacked

Hey guys, so this is Metamask related in some way, so about 5 days ago i was checking out my earning s on a defi app called [VaporNodes]( which has a token on the avalanche network, so i was taking some of my profit as i’ve never did that before, and i went on [traderjoe]( to trade my VPND (the vapornodes token for AVAX, i started the swap and left the site.

Today after a windows reinstall on my pc (i tend to do that every 2 to 6 months just for peace of mind) i noticed that when i connected my metamask, i had no tokens in my metamask, it was all drained, thankfully they was only like 15$ worth of tokens on it, but i’m still wondering what the heck happened

Since the previous 5days after the swap on traderjoe i haven’t opened my metamask once, i thought of checking the block explorer of my adress on avalanche and [here’s what i see,]( seems like my funds got syphoned exactly 1 day before my windows reinstall,[to this adress]( which has a lot of tokens, on ethereum, on polygon as well as avalanche, and it seems to have a lot of transactions comming in.

What i’m super confused about is that ,i haven’t opened metamask in days, and this transaction happened while i was sleeping, at 7am france time, so my private key must have somehow got compromised, now, what’s even weirder, is that my private key isn’t in digital form AT ALL, so like, it was simply only in my metamask on my browser (which is vivaldi)

So now, i’m wondering, did i actually get hacked, or could is possibly be me doing something stupid like forgetting a setting on traderjoe, that somehow drained my account ? i’m not sure, i lost a total of 15$ on the Polygon network, AND on the avalanche network, so my entire metamask got drained.

Please tell me it’s just me being stupid, otherwise i’ll become paranoid that there’s something i use everyday that’s actually a backdoor to my PC.

FYI, i’m an IT technician, i work with computers daily, i’m pretty good for security related stuff, but the fact that i noticed nothing wrong up to that point genuinely scares me.

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7 thoughts on “Am i stupid or did i actually got hacked”

  1. Stupid is a subjective term, but yes you got hacked. When you get hacked it doesn’t mean your funds will get drained immediately. You might have a hacker who gets your key, waits for a few months, and then drains for a bigger profit (or is just lazy).

    PS. Constantly reinstalling Windows accomplishes nothing. It had some benefit about 20 years ago.

  2. OP: why do you have any faith in any of these systems?. There are no guarantees. Really confused people say “let me use metamask, some coin trading another coin that are just with cool websites “


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