Alternative uses of your mining hardware

The market has taken a turn for the worse, and I’ve been seeing some posts across reddit with people wondering whether mining is profitable. If you are not making profits with your ASIC miner that you bought for a huge amount, I have some alternative uses you could put that bad boy to.

**1. White Noise Machine:**

With all the hustle and bustle of the modern world, sometimes a white-noise machine can help a lot. Just plug your miner into the nearby socket, and let it drown all the FUD around you.

**2. Room heater:**

That’s right. Your miner can be used as a room heater as well. Just plug it in and watch it turn your house into a sauna.

**3. Birth Control**

Ever feel like you are getting too much action in the bedroom? Next time your partner is in the room, just pull out your miner. You don’t even need to plug it in. Just its mere presence will put everyone out of mood. For added effectiveness, talk about blockchain and decentralisation.

**4. A toaster**

If you’re ever in the mood for some good ol’ toasted bread, don’t bother buying a toaster — use your Antminer, or whatever you have. Also, you ever hear about people putting toaster in the bathtub for a certain purpose? Well, the miner can be used for that too.

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12 thoughts on “Alternative uses of your mining hardware”

  1. With the energy prices skyrocketing in my country combined with the marketcrash videocard mining rigs are flooding the resell websites.

    Another week of this and I wonder what price drop we are going to see. At the moment they still look way overpriced.


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