Altcoins / Shitcoins / Memecoins bullish or bearish

Do most of the experts in the cryptocurrency market believe that shitcoins are done for?

Is there no way coins like, Doge, Shiba, Saitama break their all time highs?

As someone who’s been careful and only invested in btc and eth, are altcoins a good investment right now? Especially since come April/May prices will
eventually go up compared to bear market now?

I ask because I have been seeing a lot of people pulling out from memecoins and declaring it to be risky and that 2022 might be the downfall for them.

Obviously those coins have extreme volatility and even Tesla accepting doge as payment wouldn’t really help it break its highs. I read a few articles regarding altcoins and most of them were predicting a slight a gradual decline but I don’t think they were from the crypto experts.

Anyone have any info or any of their own thoughts regarding these coins who had such big gains last year?

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16 thoughts on “Altcoins / Shitcoins / Memecoins bullish or bearish”

  1. If everyone was to buy them at once in a short period , they could in theory cause squeezes and break them. Then it would be a bloodbath to get out lol

  2. Well I can only say *one thing*.

    This is crypto so anything can happen because people love meme coins.

    Edit: There are no Crypto Experts, if you are following people who claim to be *Expert’s* than stop following them. *This is financial advice*

  3. Altcoins, shitcoins and memecoins will never die as a whole. Yes most coins will die, but new ones will be created, and again and again. It is cycle of life (crypto). Especially altcoins are great opportunity to make good gains. They offer good risk to reward ratio. Memecoins season also is something that will happen again. And unfortunately new shitcoins will be made too, cause people are greedy and naive. Humans doesn’t change.

  4. You’ll be waiting until at least 2024 for doge or shiba to have another parabolic run. Anyone who thinks it will happen before then doesn’t know the basics of how manias work.

  5. Theres more alt/shitcoins than ever, and that dilutes the legit ones. Of the 12.5k coins now there will be some that come through and make enormous gains, but its an absolute shot in the dark when there are so many extremely highly motivated people trying extremely hard to make their scam look exactly like the one that will moon next.

  6. I made some money messing around with ASAs. I wouldn’t say it’s bullish or bearish. It’s the same thing as scratch off tickets with little shitcoins. It’s a lot of fun, just have to be ready to lose


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