After Canada, Germany, Singapore now even Australia adopted a Bitcoin Spot ETF. But apparently the SEC is the only one “pRotEctIng InvEStoRs”

With a recent announcement Australia confirmed the release of a Bitcoin Spot ETF there next week already. This is major as Australia now added their name to the latest but already long list of countries having a Crypto Spot ETF. The list includes big names such as Germany, Canada and Singapore. Only the almighty US is staying out of that list after the SEC rejected countless appeals to, according to them, protect investors…

Just last year we got a Futures ETF approval in the US, also too late. But a futures ETF is not good for Crypto in any way as you do not actually buy Crypto with it. But with a Spot ETF you do. That’s maybe why the SEC is afraid of it. A Spot ETF in the US would mean billions of dollars in institutions money flowing directly into Crypto in a regular basis.

I certainly hope the SEC finally realized how much they fcked up and just release it, maybe after they get the defeat in the Ripple lawsuit. A Bitcoin Spot ETF would definitely catapultate the price upwards.

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8 thoughts on “After Canada, Germany, Singapore now even Australia adopted a Bitcoin Spot ETF. But apparently the SEC is the only one “pRotEctIng InvEStoRs””

  1. How nice of them to protect us small fish from making a profit! They are just spreading as much fud as possible so they can fill their bags since they missed out on the beginning.

  2. They are protecting investors….the ones that you and I buy from…

    O you thought he meant all investors?

    A guy who’s worth over $100 million who worked for Goldman Sachs and won’t move a finger on the whole GME debacle….ant looking out for you or me….neither is the MOB that is the SEC that’s been set up from the get go….

    Go look who the first chairman for the SEC was.

    (It was Joseph P Kennedy)

    It’s all a scam….from the FED in 1914 to 1971ish when they took the gold standard off.

  3. Please explain specifically how the SEC “fucked up”?

    Don’t get me wrong, I think there could and should be a spot ETF but get serious. Canada has has a spot ETF for over a year and demand has been tepid. The SEC gives exactly 0 fucks if money flows into a BTC ETF or any other ETF for that matter, and if you think they do explain why.

    The biggest winner with a spot BTC ETF is Grayscale because they get a lift. Life will continue to move until the US gets a spot ETF – and they eventually will – so lets not spaz out.


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