After 4 days of talking over and over with binance support they admited it was a mistake on their part that i lose all (or most) my savings but still wont help me

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There is a TL;DR at the bottom. No FUD i just want to recover my savings. If you think i am wrong or you can help please leave a comment. Because its so long (2 and half hour with support chat) i will try to make it shorly enough. Case ID: 89170848 89304111 89429280 89524751

On monday after UST depegged i sent all my tokens to binance for trading to USDT. It never arrived. I made a deposit appeal.

On tuesday i contacted support. They told me i sent the wrong token, rejected my application and told me to do it again with the correct information. Since its a official support i believe them.

On wednesday i noticed i sent the correct token so i contact support again. They insist i made a mistake despite i showing them proof. They tell me i dont have a anything to worry about as a technician is most likely already working on my problem.

Thurdsday i contact support again since my UST where going to 0. They told me there is no compensation for my mistake. I show them proof didnt made any mistake and after talking for a while they finally agree with me and tell me i will have priority on my appeal and that “We apologize for this and we expect to retrieve the assets as soon as possible”.

On friday my application is rejected because there is a suspension on UST.

I had to take a day for mental break because i am having serious health problems because of this so i didnt contact support again.

And the worst part is that Binance is using my savings for investing as is no longer on my wallet but was transfer to Binance hot wallet 6.

TL;DR: Sent UST to binance, never received. Support wont help whatsoever, cancelled my application because they werent well informed of listed tokens and now UST has a suspension so i cant retrieve my tokens till that suspension is lifted.

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18 thoughts on “After 4 days of talking over and over with binance support they admited it was a mistake on their part that i lose all (or most) my savings but still wont help me”

  1. Hopefully if this reaches the correct person it might be fixed, have you tried if binance has some sort of support on discord?

  2. Keep at it. Don’t let them off. send them emails, put them on speed dial in your car trips, start posting to social media…dig up the heads on LinkedIn and start messaging them, do not give up. this was not your fault. Eventually you will find someone who will help you.

  3. Sorry buddy, really. From just glancing over your post, I see UST a lot and I have to suggest just counting it as a loss, I don’t think anyone or anything is gonna honor your holdings for an asset that’s basically bankrupt

  4. This is the risk with exchanges who are really just glorified banks without the regulatory framework that traditional banks have.
    Not saying tradfi is great, it’s just that if you put your money in either there is no guarantee you’ll ever get it back


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