Accusing cryptocurrencies for criminal activities is just another in a series of attempts to portray cryptocurrencies as something bad. It was never about crypto, its about human nature (criminal nature).

*Beware of the one who offers you help when you have not asked for it* \- an old saying in my people that has existed since the time when there was no money.

This means that fraudsters, scammers, criminals (call them as you wish) were always ready for the things we see today and always had the same goal – just another means.

Fiat money. Also cryptocurrencies now. Also everything that has value, for example art paintings.

If criminals try to take money from a bank with an armed robbery, does that mean that the banks are bad and that we should close them?

If a criminal uses a car to escape with the loot from the robbery, does that mean that the cars are bad and that we should not produce them anymore?

If a criminal uses cryptocurrencies for his activities, does that mean that cryptocurrencies are bad and that we should ban them in every country?


These people have a life motto and that is that **the goal justifies the means.**

If they can use something to harm a third party, steal money, they will use it.

I’m tired of reading the news that puts the cryptocurrency in the spotlight if a criminal tries to commit a crime with them.

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18 thoughts on “Accusing cryptocurrencies for criminal activities is just another in a series of attempts to portray cryptocurrencies as something bad. It was never about crypto, its about human nature (criminal nature).”

  1. This will get downvoted but they’re just reporting news..

    The media reported that this guy wanted 200 million euro in crypto because that’s what he asked for.

  2. Nobody blames FIAT when criminals use it to launder money, commit crimes. However, whenever they use crypto it’s crypto problem.

  3. I think crypto gets a bad wrap because of Silkroad back in the early days. There were certainly dodgy things going on there and nobody can deny that. It’s mind blowing to think that the media have clung onto that time as a constant downplay towards crypto

  4. Humans are who make criminals.
    Humans will always seek for exploits, easy ways to make money. Abuse systems to make money.

    Things are not corrupted. Humans are.

  5. strongly agree with your point.
    the narrative of criminalize bitcoin is just another story to achive a political agenda, most likely driven by institutional interest

    its not much, but honest work.
    take my award, you deserve it: 👑

  6. I read an article a few months ago with actual numbers, showing that a small percentage of crypto trades were used with criminal purposes. The main way to launder money is still fiat by far. Pure FUD in order to get in cheaper. I’ll try to provide the article url.

  7. Fucking spot on.


    So tired of seeing posts and articles saying “criminal wants crypto for doing X or Y”.

    What does crypto have to do with it??


    He could have wanted apples. Do we need that crap posted to r/EatCheapAndHealthy??

    If he wants balloons, do we blame clowns?

  8. The vast majority of money laundering activities involve fiat, corruption and banks. Crypto only made up a minuscule percentage, yet the media portray it’s the bad guy.

    Imagine what if all fiat transactions are transparent and can be seen on blockchain.

    Fact: In 2020, US banks helped launder $2 trillion. That’s larger than the global crypto market cap.

  9. Even $10 laundered is blown up as of Fiat is not use for the same. It’s part of a disinformation campaign to ensure that the broader public is always skeptical of crypto.

  10. Wheres the scrutiny of Art sales that are obvious money laundering?…

    #nowhere to be found!

    Wheres the scrutiny of laundered gold?…

    #nowhere to be found

    But crypto is hit every day with this kind of shit🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️

  11. Yeah, but how many crimes are committed using cash? It’s the same thing, except most crypto currency’s have a ledger of some kind and can be tracked (BTC for example.)

    As far as I’m aware, Monero is the only privacy coin worth it atm; and that’s priceless lol.


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