A message to all those saying this bear market will last 5-10 years

First of all, please explain your reasoning, I simply do not understand where this logic is coming from besides the feeling of despair many are feeling from their portfolios getting wiped out.

The way I see it, the average crypto bear market lasts about a year, maybe a bit more. This cycle has been far from predictable and the same will be true of the following cycles. However Btc and crypto simply solves too many of the worlds problems to be ignored by investors for long not to mention 5+ years.

The dollar is losing value we all know that, but more importantly it’s slowly losing international relevance along with our country as a whole. Coupling that with inflation, using usd as the base currency for remittance market transactions, nation state treasuries, and economic settlements is seeming less and less appealing/reliable. Can you imagine any currency replacing the usd that the entire world would accept which isn’t decentralized? Because I can’t. With institutional acceptance of Bitcoin growing and big names voicing their support it’s only a matter of time until it goes “to the moon”

And finally, please remember that our lord and savior satoshi created Bitcoin in response to the financial crisis. With a new economic disaster on the horizon consider the long term implications for btc if the masses lost faith in our financial system in a similar fashion to 12 years ago. Crypto is the future and if you don’t believe that you shouldn’t have invested in the first place.

But by all means PLEASE wait 5 years, just don’t cry about how you wish it would go back to 20k, because in 2-3 years time these prices will be gone for good.

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34 thoughts on “A message to all those saying this bear market will last 5-10 years”

  1. Hopefully, people stop predicting prices because, in reality, no one knows. Also, I haven’t heard a single person say it will last 10 years.

  2. My balls says that we will see a bull run between september and december, but not to ATH. We will start going to get ATH in May 2023.


  3. Most people that say this get their subconscious programmed and then foolishly believe they’ve arrived at their own conclusion. There will be a recession like there’s been many times over and people with a bit of savvy will make money. Inevitably there will be thousands that kept buying $6 coffee’s and takeout that already believed the world was rigged before ever giving themselves a chance.

    This is the sentiment I see. Then comes the next bullrun not long after the halving and all of a sudden people are wishing they planned. The planning is NOW for later, not the other way round.

  4. LMAO…yea, BTC has been a real hedge against inflation so far 😂 and people will definitely be ditching fiat for a highly volatile risk-on asset at the cusp of a worldwide depression (again LMAO). Please put down the crack pipe

  5. 5-10 years seems very excessive

    >BTC and crypto simply solves too many of the worlds problems

    The reason people are being so bearish (me included but not to the 5-10 year extent) is crypto is not isolated in this crash. We are in the beginning of a recession, and it looks like we are going to go deeper in. It doesn’t matter what crypto does individually during this time, every single asset class across the board will go down and stay down the length of a recession. This isn’t just crypto being crypto

    I’d have to assume these people think a recession would last 5-10 years which is why they are predicting crypto will be down that long

  6. Interest rates and QT will trigger a lost decade(s) like Japan when asset prices were deflated and failed to reflate after the BOJ dropped rates back to zero. That’s my theory behind what may happen to all asset classes in the US: homes, equities, crypto, etc. The Fed has royally fucked up this time.

  7. This the first time I’m reading about 5 to 10 years. I think it’s a little extreme, but sadly no one can know. I think the next bull run will start after the halving with some reliefs in the middle to maybe 40k or something like that.

  8. Someone who calls Satoshi their “lord and saviour” wants someone to use **reason** to explain a dissenting view on the length of the bear market?

  9. 5-10?

    No, that is highly unlikely.

    1-3 ? Probably closer to 3.

    A lot will depend on when war in Ukraine ends and will it spill over to Poland and Finland.

    Covid is getting less and less of a problem, at least in east Europe. YMMW.

    China might stop locking whole buildings of people who may have COVID, but then again – China.

    Money printing will resume, but first a LOT of inflation needs to be burned. And that will be painful.

    All in all lots of pain ahead and it needs to be indured. But I dont think its THAT bad.

  10. Lol are people seriously saying that? And you’re sure they’re talking about crypto and not stocks?

  11. Macro economic factors have to change like 180° otherwise we will stay in a bearmarket FULLSTOP

    Interest rates climbing, high inflation –> not a good time for investments in this assetclass. Even S&P 500 is already down more than 20%

  12. With Crypto tax regulation coming in 2023 for the US – it will remain bearish for most of the year. At best, small rallies to recover some losses … change my mind ?

  13. Hahahahahahhahaha that’s what they said 6 months ago. ‘This time is different’ nah it’s not. 2025 at the earliest. What bear market you looking at that has lasted one year? It’s always been a roughly 4 year cycle. Crypto definitely doesn’t solve too many if the worlds problems to catch on, that’s nonsense. Just sit yourself down, fill your bags and we will see you after 2025.

  14. Crypto is a pump and dump for most people. There will be one or two dominate cryptos that come from consolidation you just have to pick the right idea.

  15. Yes,

    Let just watch us all get out portfolios wiped out the last 6 months, with the clever ones getting out in November 21 with a bag full of cash.


    Let’s all go on Reddit and talk up crypto and pretend we’re all gonna be Millionaires in 10 years from now.

    After that

    We all make feel good posts and hope posts on Reddit about how good crypto is.


    Look at our crypto balances and pretend everything is fine.

    And repeat


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