A lot of posts about how Satoshi’s disapperance did BTC good but the second largest coin has Vitalik still alive and kicking and contributing

First of all, I agree that Satoshi remaining anonymous and eventually signing off on the project is a strong point of Bitcoin. No one knows and needs to know who the founder is. The project is now extremely open source and maintained through public development. And the media doesn’t really have one person to target and criticize.

But on the 11th anniversary of his famous last message, everyone seems to be over emphasizing the point that he decided to just leave and passed the baton on, so to speak.

But the next largest crypto has its co-founder, a public figure that has voiced his opinion about ETH, crypto in general and other topics as well.

But even Vitalik admits that the amount of control he has over the direction of Ethereum’s development has reduced a lot since the days of him founding it. He recently responded in an interview saying that the control over Ethereum halves every six months.

So we sort of have both sides of the coin really at the pinnacle of the crypto market. One whose founder was anonymous and bid adieu while another has its founder known and still contributing. Yet both these projects have reached sufficiently high levels of decentralization and open source development.

Just some food for thought.

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18 thoughts on “A lot of posts about how Satoshi’s disapperance did BTC good but the second largest coin has Vitalik still alive and kicking and contributing”

  1. Bitcoin and eth are trudging towards very different goals. Whether or not bitcoin becomes the world reserve asset is hugely debatable, but you could never have one where its inventor premines a ton for themselves. Even the satoshi wallet, somewhere he said that he considered his own coins invalid because he mined a lot of them while he had over 51% of the hash in the extremely early days.

    So, the perceived neutrality of bitcoin lends itself to its potential end game. That matters less for ethereum where its probably the platform for web 3 and the internet of value.

  2. I’m pretty sure Satoshi would be ashamed of today’s BTC’s Maxi community. Satoshi being anonymous for the space has been a positive thing for crypto in general but everyone tends to interpret Satoshi s words in their own way, not being around to set any records straight just leaves the Bitcoin community in disarray IMO

  3. I think it probably did crypto good rather than Bitcoin specifically. With Satoshi gone the ecosystem could really be it’s self without a potentially very influential individual.

  4. Without being able to pin a face on Satoshi, it has kept Bitcoin very neutral throughout the messy last couple of years. There is no videos of him dancing in a costume on stage, and no tweets of his stance on vaccines or masks such as Charles Hoskinson. Now this, is why I feel confident holding Bitcoin and am not somehow ashamed of it when someone finds out I am in to crypto.

  5. Is this another Vitalik shill post? Seriously, for people who can’t shut up about decentralisation, you guys are very eager to venerate your spiritual liege with almost every breath you take without aknowledging the feats the actual heavy lifters of the ETH project managed. And spoilers: Vitalik isn’t among them.

  6. I think it did give more credibility to bitcoin. Otherwise there would be a huge whale holding a significant amount in the early days prior to the halvings.
    This causes a fair distribution of coins as one of the positive side affects

  7. If I had a billion dollars to put on the blockchain for example (lol!) I would view a strong influential ‘ceo’ type leader as a weakness for that crypto project. The leader could use their influence to fork the blockchain and take my billion. Bitcoin is a lot less susceptible to this being more decentralised with no ‘ceo’.

  8. Satoshi was the one who set the stage for all cryptos.

    Him being in the picture would deny the decentralisation dream.

  9. Yes, props to Vitalik and team. However, ETH is not built so well, and will likely fade away in 5 to 10? years

    Buy Cardano, Algo, and several others


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