A look at every/most crypto cards

# FTX Card

* Visa
* No fees
* No rewards
* Spend crypto or USD

This is basically a card you get not for the rewards, but purely the ability to spend your crypto/money.


# Robinhood -Waitlist

* Mastercard
* No cash back
* 10%-100% weekly with cap of $10 a week
* Round up auto investing. Basically, they invest the round up “for you”.

IMO don’t get this. There is far better options


# [Crypto.com]( Blue

* Visa prepaid
* 1% paid in CRO
* No fee
* No staking required

IMO this card isn’t a good one due to the up to 1%. There is better options.


# Nexo – Waitlist

* Visa
* Up to 2% cash back
* Earn BTC or Nexo
* Get BTC for signing up

IMO this card isn’t a good one due to the up to 2%. There is better options.


# SoFi Credit Card

* Mastercard credit card
* No annual fee
* 2%
* Rewards are in crypto, stocks, or fiat.
* Other rewards that might be worth looking into

This honestly could be worth it for many IMO.


# [Crypto.com]( Ruby card (red)

* Prepaid Visa
* Required $400 staked (you lock this amount while you use this)
* Free Spotify
* 2% rewards that are paid in CRO

NOTE: Find promotion links because this can max out your rewards


# Gemini – Waitlist

* Mastercard
* 3% dining, 2% groceries, 1% everything else

IMO not worth it


# Venmo Credit Card

* Visa credit card
* 3% top category, 2% mid category, 1% everything else
* Rewards are in BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC


# [Crypto.com]( Jade or Indigo (green or purple cards)

* Required $4k staked (you lock this amount while you use this) 10% APY
* 3% on everything which is paid in CRO instantly
* Free Spotify, Netflix, and LoungeKey.

I’m not sure why you would pick green over purple. I think it is the same, but you just get to pick your color.


# BlockFi Credit Card

* Visa credit card
* 3.5% for the first 3 months, 2% over $50k/y, 1.5% everything else
* Rewards paid monthly
* Rewards BTC, ETH, LTC, USDC
* No fees


# Coinbase – Waitlist

* Visa
* If you pick your rewards to be XLM, GRT, AMP, RLY then you get 4%
* If you pick BTC, ETH, DOGE, DAI then it is 1%
* Spend crypto or fiat
* No fees

IMO if the Netflix and other rewards isn’t worth it for a $4k staking on the [Crypto.com]( card. IMO this is a very good pick.


# [Crypto.com]( Rose Gold or Icy White card (Beige/Pink or white card)

* Required $40k staked (you lock this amount while you use this) 12% APY
* 5% everything paid in instant CRO
* 10% Expedia for $50 a month
* Free Spotify, Netflix, Amazon Prime, LoungeKey + guest
* \+2% CRO Bonus


# [Crpto.com]( Obsidian (Black)

* Required $400k staked (you lock this amount while you use this) 12% APY
* 8% everything paid in instant CRO
* 10% Expedia for $50 a month & AirBNB up to $100/m
* Free Spotify, Netflix, Amazon Prime, LoungeKey + guest
* One time PrivateJet promo thing. This isn’t worth it, the drink you get is something like $300, and this entire thing seems like a joke at best and an insult at worse.
* \+2% CRO Bonus


# Binance Card – Not available for USA, UK, Canada, AU, and almost everywhere other than 31 countries

* Most of the world can’t use this. Only 31 countries can use this.
* Visa
* Tier 0-600 BNB
* 0.1% – 8% on everything in BNB
* Transaction fee up to 0.9%
* Earnings are capped


# Voyager – Waitlist

* Mastercard
* 9%\* (There is a bunch of things that make it not 9% and I can’t find the real numbers)
* 3 Loyalty tier staking VGX
* Annual 0.5%-1.5% bonus

IMO This isn’t a good card because the sneaky stuff


# M1 Credit Card

* Visa Credit Card
* Category 1 10%, 2 5%, 3 2.5%, and 1.5% on everything else
* Earnings capped at $200/m
* $95 annual fee, but waved if you have a M1+ membership but it cost $125


# Summary

IMO a good starter card is the Coinbase card or the [Crypto.com]( green/purple card. But if you have the money, the higher [Crypto.com]( cards is worth it IMO.

Just note the fees. So if you have Coinbase One with is something like $30/m then the Coinbase card IMO is 100% worth it. It is likely you are getting enough rewards, and the trading fees are gone. Note Coinbase One doesn’t cover Coinbase Pro, so you will still get fees and what not on that.

But assuming you don’t have Coinbase One. You need to ask yourself if you’re OK with locking in $4k of CRO which might go down in price so you would want to lock in more. And what are the fees on converting the rewards to fiat or other coins.

Beyond that if you are OK with locking in $40k or $400k, then the higher CRO cards are worth it IMO.

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30 thoughts on “A look at every/most crypto cards”

  1. There’s one huge thing about the nexo card that’s missing. Your not spending your crypto, your borrowing Fiat money against your crypto. The game changing thing about this is that there’s no tax liability involved.

    This also means it’s kinda like a credit card, you spend $500, you pay back $500, fluctuations in crypto prices won’t increase/decrease what you need to pay back to get to the same amount of crypto again.

  2. I think the Gemini card could be worth it if it can be paid with the Coinbase card through PayPal. Possible to get 6% rewards with both cards.

  3. I love my crypto.com card, and i chose Purple over green.

    If I get the chance, I think I will choose Icy White over Rose Gold too, but I’m open to opinions 😎

  4. These types of posts should be higher up.

    A nice range of options shown about a useful real world practical option. Some relevant stats. A bit of personal opinion. Left open for discussion in the comments.

    We need more of this on this sub.

  5. Hey OP! Didn’t you just copy the list from Dave Hanson’s latest video without giving credit? [Here it is for anyone curious](https://youtu.be/R13cgt_GiXg).


    Also, the Nexo card is out now, it’s currently the only crypto credit card (not debit) you can get in the EU, so might be worth checking out.

  6. You left out Gemini card let’s you choose from 50+ coins to get cash back which can be changed at any time. IMO I don’t agree with your opinion.

    Edit: I have Jade/Indigo level as well and I find no use for it as I prefer credit and specially picking the coin in which I want to get paid in.

  7. Except the CDC ones, most of these cards are unfortunately only available in the US…
    (or with reduced perks, like the Coinbase one).

  8. Worth mentioning (almost everyone overlooks it) that the Coinbase Card only includes the 4% back in the US. The card is therefore largely useless outside the US, other than for ATM withdrawals.

    Been a CDC Icy White Holder for some time and it’s by FAR the best card offering I have ever used. Never, ever gets declined, can be topped up in under 30 seconds and 5% back on virtually everything I buy. Cancelled my Amex Plat as the Icy is far better in every way.

    Add in the 12% Staking Rewards (just over 800 CRO per week), the free Netflix, Spotify and Amazon Prime and it’s a no brainer. There’s also free global Airport Lounge Access (+Guest) via LoungeKey.

    The actual numbers are broken down in this thread:
    [The Economics of Icy White](https://np.reddit.com/r/Crypto_com/comments/qt0176/the_economics_of_icy_white_2021/)

  9. I go with the Coinbase one. I just pick one of the 2 rewards options at 4% that have a BTC trading pair on Coinbase pro and then set the rewards I get to sell into BTC the next time there’s a good pump. That way instead of 4% XLM or GRT I’m getting more like 5%+ BTC.

  10. I’ve been using the Coinbase card for about a year. Happy with it. Would recommend to anyone who doesn’t mind using Coinbase.

  11. This covers looking at rewards only for a card but there are some major distinctions between how these cards work and how these will effect a person. Someone already mentioned the nexo card is a loan against your already existing assets. This is a big difference from something like the gemini card which is a traditional financial credit card. To the prepaid debit cards from coinbase or CDC.

  12. Good post except one thing at the very end you say we should stake more on crypto.com because the price of CRO might drop, as far as I am infromed that doesnt matter, you stake the requested amount at the current value, it doesnt matter if the coin loses lets say 10%, you dont have to add 10% more.

  13. I got the CDC Indigo and I’m very satisfied with my experience. Free Netflix free Spotify and 3% cashback on life 👍

  14. I have the Crypto.com Jade.

    Works great. Slowly weaning myself away from my Amex to use my Jade for everything. Bills, fuel, holidays, shopping.

  15. I’ve been using the Coinbase Card for a few months and besides someone ordering pizza from the Phillipines a few weeks ago I’ve been pleased with it.

  16. Awesome and informative post.
    But question. With the SoFi card, and 2% rewards which is awesome, the redemption of the rewards is subject to a trading fee?
    And I believe also with that card you can’t transfer your crypto out. So that would be a huge negative in my opinion.

  17. Something to note for some CCs like SoFi – they don’t allow you to move it off the site (to a personal wallet or to pay with it), you can only sell it back.

  18. I feel like I’m one of the small number of people that want debit instead of credit cards.

    After everything thats been going on in the USA it would be crazy if the Voyager card actually came out really soon with the numbers they post.


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