A different thought, one you should consider and try to balance. No shill, FUD or FOMO, just some facts and hypothesis.

Lots of discussions around all the usual, so I thought I’d try going outside the normal discussions and the same old week after week coins Whether doom and gloom or we’re starting a new Bull, DCA or whatever your strategy.

So let just consider something factual, some coins went through the last bear and survived. They’ve had ATH’s and yes it’s unlikely they get back there, but if you’re investing that’s not all that important in the end game.

Let’s consider two coins GLM & ARK, both been through it, on the surface offering very similar services and utility to many of the tops 100 coins. Once they were the flavor of the day, they were you’re ADA or DOT etc. but fell out of favor, yet they’re still here. In GLM terms for example holding up very well in comparison to so many favorite coins of today and 2021.

I don’t think they’re going back to ATH, but they can easily do 50+% of that and from this market perspective can offer very good returns. Plus having done it before it does give a little comfort in will they be around when we really upturn? Yes, yes, I know past performance gives no guarantee but in my mind it means less risk, if I couple that with 5X plus increase then I’d say that’s a solid investment. Especially GLM as it’s holding up very well and far better than the vast majority of well known coins today!

I’m not posting this for anything other than some feedback and cognitive thoughts, plus does anyone have similar forgotten coins they look at similarly. Yes I definitely have both these coins but in such small amounts, even if they blasted through previous ATH’s it wouldn’t make a lot of difference to me.

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2 thoughts on “A different thought, one you should consider and try to balance. No shill, FUD or FOMO, just some facts and hypothesis.”

  1. I think it’s safe to assume a good chunk of alts won’t see an ATH again. That’s what happens in a regular bear market without adding recession into the mix. I hope people have their BTC maxi hats on and don’t get stuck holding dead bags.

  2. It depends on a lot of different variables whether an alt will surpass its ath ever again. We have seen coins hit their ath late in the last bull cycle that we’re around the run before.


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