A crypto so easy grandma could use it

Not trying to be a fudder here, just stating sone basic facts of reality.

Crypto.com is now forcing 2fa. I an locked out of my account until I can set it up.

I followed the instructions multiple times, and am still unable to access. I’m going to have to spend time to fix this, but it brings up a pivotal flaw.

For many years, the chief reason Linux was not seen as viable is because it was theorized it would not succeed “until we had Linux so easy grandma could use it”. The idea was that Microsoft did not require as steep a learning curve.

We have used money all of our lives. Fiat, for its flaws, does not require locking seed phrases away, or convoluted processes to secure. Yes, crypto offers vast potential,but until we don’t need to clear hurdles to access our own money, it is unlikely to be the currency of choice for most consumers

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12 thoughts on “A crypto so easy grandma could use it”

  1. I don’t care if it’s Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Joe or Aunt Susan. Until you can send a transaction without puckering your asshole until it shows up in your wallet, the average person isn’t gonna be comfortable using it.

  2. “Oh my God this thing I signed up for isn’t letting me do this thing because I didn’t do the thing!!!?1!” Uh.. is there a question here or..?

  3. There was an entire generation of people who didn’t trust banks with their money after multiple bank runs between 1929-33. And for good reason.

    Mass crypto adoption will take at least 1 generation of people who are comfortable with the technology making it a normal part of their lives. We are that generation

  4. If self custody and security measures are too much for you to handle then you probably should probably be investing in your own shortcomings as opposed to cryptocurrency.

  5. Get the nano wallet natrium and get some free nano from a faucet, super clean app that’s easy to use with instant feeless transactions

  6. This is the nature of new tech.

    I am sure when power windows first came out people declined, felt it would just break and chose to keep the mechanical window option.

    Most people need a friend or family to evangelize the tech before they decide to jump in……I would be ashamed to share how long it took me to decide to buy a DVD player.

  7. Linux won in different ways. Most (>51%) websites are run on Linux. Most (>51%) of smart phones run a Linux Kernel. Most (>51%) applications are cross-complied from Linux. Hard to really paint Linux as a failure.

    Crypto will go the same way. In 20 years, most users will access crypto through paypal and RobinHood and ChaseBank. They won’t have any concept private keys. It will all be custodial.

    Just like the alpha-geeks running Linux on their jail-broken MacBook, you will have alpha-geeks that run their own nodes and hold their own keys. But most of this stuff will be buried under custodial layers where the users never see it.


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