A “crazy” drunk old guy got me into Crypto, how did you get into Crypto?

In was a late summer night in 2016. I was about to finish my shift at the local bottle shop when I hear a thud. An old guy, reeking of alcohol has faceplanted onto the shop floor.

I ask him if he is ok? He springs up, twirls around and looks me in the eyes.

He says “thank you for helping me stranger, forgive my less than sober state but I just put all my money into magic internet money”.

I replied, “magic internet money? Forgive me but that sounds crazy”.

He replied “No it’s not crazy (then proceeds to burp and fart at the same time), Bitcoin will be the currency of the future, I already have 1000, you should invest too you will be rich”.

He then proceeds to buy the most awful boxed wine and goes in his merry way.

I thought he was the craziest nutter I ever met. If I had listened to him i would be snorting coke in the Bahamas.

I did get into Crypto but only after it took off and I realised this drunk guy was right.

There are two things I learnt that day, firstly always listen to crazy people secondly a burp and fart at the same time is possible.

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26 thoughts on “A “crazy” drunk old guy got me into Crypto, how did you get into Crypto?”

  1. Not buying btc in 2012-2013 because i thought id go to jail because of the silk road (obviously not buying from them just assumed btc was sketchy because of it)

    Then seeing btc at $600 and being pissed i never bought in at $20

    Then my friend cashing out $2.2 million when btc hit $20,000…

    Then during the pandemic i was bored and decided to finally start investing

    Best decision i ever made in my life, although i waited nearly a decade to finally buy

  2. I bought a bunch when “allegedly” selling “drugs” in 2015 and then sold my 10 bitcoin shortly after for a “decent profit” after deciding Bitcoin could die out… there are a whole lot of regrets wrapped up into that sentence but it’s all true

  3. My friend heavily invested into doge near ath. I found it funny and bought a bunch of shib. Ended up making quite a bit to make fun of him.

    still can’t believe shib got me into crypto. I sold all of it for eth once i actually got into crypto.

  4. A year ago today, my baby brother died in my house. I used to spend $50-$200 every month on some stupid interior design game. When he died I thought about all the money I had been wasting in my life, and got serious about putting that same amount of money into a CHANCE that I could invest it in something that would either make me money, or at the very least, hold a real value for what I put in. I lost a lot. It’s still better than me wasting money with no chance of recouping. My intial strategy was terrible, I bought a bunch of alt coins when they were spiking in price, looking for a moonshot. Crypto has been my tribute to my brother, who I wish was here to be along for the ride.

  5. Im Brazilian. Back in 2013 there was a dude called Daniel Fraga. Basically he was an anarchist that used to make videos about politics and economics.

    One day he sold everything he had and bought everything in bitcoin and started to tell people to buy bitcoin.

    He basically completely disappeared the internet by now lol

  6. My lady beat me to the punch.

    I was saying how ‘thank God we never bought any crypto cuz it would be a pain in the ass to do taxes since there’s that new checkbox as of last year’.

    At which point she says ‘yeah I bought a few different ones a few months ago and never mentioned it to you’.

    So I fumed for a while about how I was going to have to do some serious heavy lifting on taxes this year (because all coinbase deposits go into a stable coin which is then used to buy other coins, and that buy/sell requires reporting).

    Then I got so fomo’d I hopped on board and bought some myself so I wouldn’t be left out of the bag party.

    2 weeks later everything promptly lost half (or more) of its value.

    Turnabout is fair play- I told her about some of those stupid coinbase promotions I had found where you watch a video and get a dollar’s worth of some shitcoin. So she jumped on that too.

    Then I became out that that ‘reward’ of a little bit of shitcoin for watching a lame video counts as income according to the IRS.

    So I ended up having to do an extra 2 days worth of investigative work, form finding, and tax filing for both the purchases/trades and the stupid ‘rewards’.

    Best part is, we’re both still hodling bags that are just as heavy but worth 50% less than when we first picked them up.

    Love ya always babe, but there is an asterisk on that adoration these past few tax filing days.

  7. On a hot night in 2016 I drunkenly stumbled out of a bar and fell down face first in front of a liquor store. A nice young lad was there to help me up. I looked him straight in the eyes and said **”I’m a bit corned”**, as in I’m drunk out of my mind on account of me hitting the (grain) malt liquor pretty hard that night.

    He looked at me confused and asked “Bitcoin?” And for the next 5 minutes he wouldn’t stop talking about seeds in his wallet and how he planted the Bitcorns now so later he can harvest the *”magic internet money”*. Sounded to me like this guy read too much Jack and the Beanstalk as a kid or he needs to lay off the meth pipe.

    A year later in 2017 his ramblings about Bitcorns stuck with me, so I decided to go onto the online and search the Google website for it. Google asked me “Did you mean *Bitcoin*?”, I clicked yes. And I shit you not, there was this chart of this magic internet money, and it went up and up.

  8. “The Great FOMO of Dec 2017” got me hooked.

    I tell you kids, it was a sight to behold.

    The “Rekting of 2018” was equally impressive.

  9. In all seriousness…as a teenager I was a poorly-informed cringey hard-libertarian edgelord, which led me naturally into Bitcoin.


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