A $ 23.7 million Avatar

Here is a pixelated avatar that was bought for $ 23.7 million with borrowed funds through the Compound DeFi protocol (that’s about 8,000 Ethereum. The buyer was Chain CEO Deepak Thapliyal), this has broken the previous record for a CryptoPunk sale (the previous was which fetched $11.75 million), this makes it the most expensive CryptoPunk, and one of the world’s most valuable NFTs.

I get that as [NFTs]( draw more attention, they increase in value just like the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT collections.

But how much would you give for an avatar like this?

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31 thoughts on “A $ 23.7 million Avatar”

  1. I could use that image as an avatar for free if I wanted, yet I still won’t, so I guess the actual question is how much would someone need to pay me so I set that as my avatar

  2. Can anyone prove he doesn’t own the wallet that sold this and also the one that bought it? Perhaps he just wanted the title of paying the most for a NFT similar to rich billionaires buying art. It’s a “level of prestige” in their community.


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