$448M of assets were liquidated in the previous 24 hours! In which $350M were shorts and $98M were longs.

After a turbulent day, many assets have been liquidated. In this post I sum up some interesting statistics.

The stats in the past 24h **at the time of writing**:

\- In the past 24 hours, **$448M** of assets were liquidated.
\- **$350M** were **shorts (78%)** and **$98M** were **longs (22%)**.
\- **79.328** traders were liquidated.
\- Top 3 Liquidations: **$171.71M** of BTC, **$139.41M** of ETH and **$30.13M** of SOL.
\- The largest single liquidation order happened on **Bitmex – XBTUSD value $10.00M**.

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29 thoughts on “$448M of assets were liquidated in the previous 24 hours! In which $350M were shorts and $98M were longs.”

  1. Can’t say that I’m surprised. Whenever BTC hit 45K, it got hammered back down half a dozen times in the past few days. No doubt the shorts were piling in during that time. Thank goodness the bulls were too strong though.

  2. I can’t understand why we have future, derivatives or shorts for crypto, it’s just opening the door to manipulation from the big players, we have the chance to build a new model but we are just applying the rules that make the 1% richer … and no, in the long run you won’t win, the house will.

  3. >The largest single liquidation order happened on Bitmex – XBTUSD value $10.00M.

    Someone did not sleep well that night.

  4. Love how this sub loves when Shorts get liquidated but you barely see any posts about Longs getting liquidated lmao

  5. Help me understand why longs are being liquidated when the market grows? I guess some coins went down while people were longing them?

  6. I love how dump to liquidate longs is always a scam candle but one to pump and liquidate shorts is celebrated. Meanwhile the only winners are the exchanges…

  7. I am super confused with the usage of decimal here.
    79.328 traders? So less than 80?
    Why? Because the next line used 171.71M and 139.41M respectively.

    What is the international standard for numbers?
    I know for measurements it is in metrics.


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