1k in total on 10 alt coins split evenly in this sale. Most popular comments will be picked, will post results later.

Basically title. I got a nice bonus, YAY! working in the energy market atm. So now I plan to fuel the fire (sale) with some gasoline, gas, oil, sunlight or whatever that floats your boat.

You guys will be picking the 10 currencies I will be putting money in, don’t worry it really is money that I can loose, I swear. I’ll go by popularity in the comments, but I’ll limit it to the top 100 ones. I’ve got way too much in low caps that are ceasing to exist at the moment. Guys you know I’m expecting 10 or 100x on your picks so don’t let me down.

I will be posting again to show you the progress of each coin when it goes to zero, moons or I deem it worthy of posting about.

And guys, we will get through this. As long as you didn’t put all your life savings on LUNA, then you may message me for moral support, but you might get shitty investment advice in response.

EDIT: Hey guys messaging me.. I know 1k might not be much for many, but for many it is so I chose that amount and will stick to it.

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38 thoughts on “1k in total on 10 alt coins split evenly in this sale. Most popular comments will be picked, will post results later.”

  1. I’m not touching any alt coin with a 10 foot pole. To dabble in alt coins, the riskiest part of a riskiest asset class in a time where the markets are risk off sounds really risky to me.

  2. DOT, I think the next bullrun it will be DOT’s turn.
    First time parachains and cross chain communication will work, we haven’t seen what it can do yet!

  3. My favorite projects are ranked in no particular order:

    1) AMP – a token used for instant settlement assurance for any chain. It’s a no brainer to gap risk for business transactions.

    2) Monero XMR – Money so private even the IRS can’t find it.

    3) Litecoin LTC – I used to be fairly down on this project but with recent privacy upgrades and a capped supply – this is the little coin that can imo.

    4) Stellar XLM – Handles millions of transactions per second at fractions of a penny. Stellar’s quick banking features make it look like a good bet for one of the bigger players in the future of web3 “banking”.

    5) Civic CVC – Civic is attempting to build out a identity verification system that avoids the need for repeat verification across any use. Using the blockchain, an identity can be positively assigned to a person to control, it remains visible on the blockchain at all times for verification.

    6) The Graph GRPH – The Graph indexes blockchains to make their data easier to find and use for a variety of uses across all blockchains. Like Google.

    7) Assemble Protocol ASM – Assemble is a blockchain based reward point system that allows vendors to issue and track reward points for customers at their business. The blockchain should reduce a lot of headaches with these types of systems.

    8) Polygon MATIC – Polygon is quickly emerging as THE layer 2 solution to be on. It has historically had scaling issues, but problems are growth related and it doesn’t seem to be slowing anytime soon. Polygons extremely quick service time and low fees make it a no brainer to use.

    I used to have CRO on this list but it has been culled.

    Feedback appreciated and welcomed, but these are my actual positions in the current market, minus BTC of course.

  4. >*but you might get shitty investment advice in response.*

    I got random people messaging me during the meltdown if they should buy Luna. No joke.

    Anyway, go buy some BAT, that thing is responsible for an actual good product (Brave browser) you can use for free.

  5. ALGO is the only investment I would make in this market because the tech is unparalleled and it has very strong community support. Even with the whole market in shambles I still feel like ALGO has good momentum.

  6. Tezos is a solid buy right now. Well known corporate backers to keep it relevant through a winter and a decent APY.

  7. Harmony $ONE, 2 second transactions, insanely low transaction fees, an active community and ecosystem, multi shard, active and working multi coin bridges (btc, eth, etc). But as always DYOR, and check the reddit out r/harmony_one


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