11 years ago today, Satoshi shared his final message and left forever

**April 26, 2011**

**The Final Message**

Satoshi sent this message to early Bitcoin developer Gavin Andresen as a response to Andresen talking about Satoshi in the press

***“I wish you would stop talking about me as a mysterious shadowy figure. The press just turns that into a pirate currency angle. Maybe instead make it about the open source project and give more credit to contributors. It helps motivate them.”***

Satoshi did not want to be the leader or founder figure of Bitcoin. He wanted it to be a pure open source project created by and for all of humanity. It was clear from the beginning in every decision he made and his actions make more and more sense after he left.

Even 6 months before this final message, there were already signs that Satoshi would leave. In December 2010, he removed his name from Bitcoin’s SourceForge license document and updated all email contacts on Bitcoin.org to other developers. Satoshi’s last public message on Bitcointalk was on December 12, 2010. Through Gavin, he asked all the volunteer developers to take the project forward.

This was Gavin’s message on behalf of Satoshi shared to Bitcointalk forum on January 13, 2011.

“So who is willing and able to help out? Don’t ask permission, just jump in, grab a bug that catches your interest, add comments to it as you start to figure out what the problem is (or isn’t), and submit a PULL request when you have a fix.

Your reward will be recognition, admiration and respect. It is time to take bitcoin from, essentially, a single-programmer project to a robust open source project with lots of contributors.”

By studying the early history of Bitcoin it’s clear that Satoshi only planned to stay as long as he was needed to get Bitcoin up and running. Once others started chipping in, he knew his work was done and he left.

Today there are hundreds of Bitcoin developers but you may not know that they don’t get any salary to work on Bitcoin. They are supported only by sponsors and donations. If you hold good amount of BTC, maybe you should consider donating at least 1% to Bitcoin FOSS developers.

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34 thoughts on “11 years ago today, Satoshi shared his final message and left forever”

  1. I wonder if he exited his position from Satoshi, and went into a secondary persona online. Disconnect from the primary figure, adopt a second identity, and stay active that way. Crazy to think he could be out here in these subs just watching on. Could be dead though. Who knows.

  2. I can’t wait for all the major movies speculating about the early days of Bitcoin and satoshis identity once crypto gets normalized into society.

  3. I admire that guy a lot, he is such an inspiration for all of us

    I am glad that I have witnessed his life and studied it in a good way.

    I hope he will keep inspiring more people, such a legend.

  4. They really should do something about the guy pretending to be him on their forum. Think his last message was a few weeks ago.

  5. This is why Bitcoin maximalism is contrary to the design ethos of Bitcoin.

    People are encouraged to fork it and make it better.

    If that improved fork has different consensus and is therefore incompatible with the legacy bitcoin code, it doesnt make it a shitcoin.

  6. Satoshi also wanted larger than 1mb blocks.

    BTC’s not at all controlled by blockstream and their own developers hey…

  7. He mined around 1 million BTC and the wallets that are believed to be his have been dormant this entire time. Imagine what would happen if he moved a few BTC from one of his wallets.

  8. If we think about last 20 years which gave orgs like Google Amazon etc , Crypto still stands out as the single most revolution which would change things forever. Hail Satoshi 🙌🏻

  9. Man I just love this guy, Satoshi is some another type of human being,

    we won’t gonna witness someone like him in this world again.

    We are just so lucky to have Satoshi in our life.

  10. If Satoshi is/was alive today… he would smile to see this, finally a thread on reddit cryptocurrency that isn’t about the money but the actual meaning of the tech, the importance of open source & decentralization to humanity.

  11. Man I just can’t believe he is a human being, he is something else.

    We just can’t figure that out right now, but we will see that in the future

    Satoshi is nothing but a fucking legend man.

  12. Thank you satoshi for you creation of Bitcoin, this is the only thing I got in my life,

    This is the only best thing I have and I am just so proud of you and this community,

    I hope you are reading it with a smile.

  13. Satoshi, dear ser, if you are reading this, thank you for everything. We wouldn’t have known how to escape dumb mfing benks.

    WE LOVE YOU! <3

  14. Nakamoto used two email addresses and one website. The identity of the person who registered them is blocked. There is no other public information. either way, he’s truly a legend

  15. Most of Satoshis vision has failed. P2P payment method has shift to store of value. Accessible to anyone, it is not, unless you have lots of money to mine you cannot participate in the consensus protocol in a meaningful way. I own BTC only for monetary gains as the initial vision has long shifted

  16. They really don’t get compensated for working on Bitcoin? Props to them.

    Isn’t that a little concerning though? I just feel like most great devs would want to get compensated to to do their best work. Just my thinking though.


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