Question if Tether collapses

With the long time questions about Tether and recent news about hedgies going short on them, what actually happens when Tether collapse in relation to my coins? I got a few coins that are paired … Read more

Why are we not doing more?

The world is submerged in several serious problems and every day millions of people patiently wait for this situation to end, I do not think that a single individual can make a resounding change to … Read more

Coinbase credit hack?

Okay, so, I have done this before on accident.. I know the “limit” in Coinbase isn’t actually a credit, but they basically give you credit to purchase whatever you want as they wait for your … Read more

Ideas to add value to moons:

As all of you know, moons have little to no use (mainly governance). I believe that you can only vote with how many you earned (correct me if I am wrong). This gives people almost … Read more

A guide to valuing a crypto project

6.29.22 Good Morning fam, While we slush through the snowy depths of crypto winter, it’s time to begin preparing for the next major cycle. With many tokens having reached year-long lows, there are some screaming … Read more

Dequency Is Using Blockchain to Decentralize Music Usage Rights. Dequency’s goal is to make audiovisual collaboration easy, less expensive and to pay creators instantly. Historically, finding high quality music to use in visual projects has been a cumbersome process involving many different players.

Great video explaining Dequency’s use case: [ TLDR: **Dequency is going to change sync licensing in the music industry and is invested in by Solar City Founders(Lyndon & Peter Rive) and Elon Musk’s siblings(Kimbal Musk … Read more

Seedphrase Storage

So I’ve decided that I need to take the storage of my crypto up a notch. Up until now, I’ve been using a hot wallet + cold wallet system. Hot for more day to day … Read more

Deribit Scam?

A buddy of mine started trading options on Deribit. I found it strange as he is based in the US and from my understanding, there is not available in the States because of legal issues. … Read more

Favorite Exchange?

With the debacle over trusting centralized exchanges happening I figured it was a good time to reanalyze what exchanges I feel like I can trust and what exchanges I should steer clear of. Yes, it’s … Read more