Hybrids NFT Shoe Collection by AGENT33

Hybrids nft collection of 10k phygital shoes. 150$ Mint in Eth. the shoes will be preordered as nft’s and later be claimable IRL. Please check it out if you can the shoe has its own … Read more

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Dope Project The FlipSide Meta Earn from Nft

The FLIPSIDE Metaverse X xxxx 999 Degenerate Gangsters Ready To Dominate Solana! Created by the Kazuki Labs turtle Twitter – @KazukiLabz Supply: 999 date: (Aug 12 ) Price: .99 SOL hammer_pick Real Builders Coming With … Read more

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Safe Crypto Defi – No ponzi

Hey r/CryptoCurrency community! Today is a special day, im sharing my personal way of farming my DeFi as a safe solution for people who have lost some funds in other platforms. You may ask yourself … Read more

Daily DeFi News – August 7, 2022

### DeFi 🏦 * [Breakdown of Redacted V2 changes]( * [Atlantic Straddles]( * [Manifold Finance]( * [GMX]( * [Lyra Finance]( * [Radiant protocol]( ### News 📰 * [Beanstalk relaunches 4 months after $182M exploit]( ## … Read more

How crypto can truly make things better

This is minor, but usually when I do ACH or insta transfer from my bank account to brokerages like Schwab, it takes 3 to 5 business days. Even those who promise instant buying power are … Read more

AVAX on Ledger Nano X

So im sitting here trying to get my avalancge tokens on my ledger, but the ledger nano x says that there is a 3rd party needed. And so im thinking thats probably an AVAX wallet. … Read more

Daily DeFi News – August 6, 2022

# DeFi 🏦 * [Merge Risks and Market Impacts for MakerDAO]( * [Guide to AMMs, Part 1]( * [Delta neutral protocols: the next big thing in DeFi?]( * [Current DeFi is Old. Let’s Move On]( … Read more

PoP consensus

This is new consensus paradigm that is meant to bring the control over the network to the regular user. The core of the idea is you validate transactions from mempool when making new a transaction. … Read more

subject about my ens domain list

hi members **i have great ens names for sale if you are reaily inteested and ready to make offers** [ this my account on opensea from my list:the good one is : emsisoft.eth fot that … Read more

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Daily DeFi News – August 8, 2022

DeFi 🏦 * [Daniele on Popsicle Finance’s lessons learnt & outlook]( * [Why you should pay attention to Redacted]( ### News 📰 * [Seahorse – framework for developing Solana programs in Python]( ## Layer 1 … Read more

Stealing artwork is not cool!!

If you like the art. Please help report the scammers. A collection of [degenerate apes]( currently minting at [Joepegs]( on Avalanche have had their art stolen and copied on Opensea. The Avalanche community could use … Read more

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Iridescent prayers ( minted on foundation )

*BY visualsby\_v* *Give this cult some love, as they need it* *made in blender , cycles* *1080 x 1080 pix* minted on foundation 0.12 $eth **link : twitter : [ instagram : [ View Source

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rever.finance user experience

hi folks, thx to /u/thefloppygrouper I recently learned about [revert.finance]( as a way to display and track Uniswap V3 Liquidity Pools (/NFTs).Did anyone use revert finance and can share one’s user experience?? I am interested … Read more

Uniswap V3 auto compound provider

hi folks, are there any autocompound services for Uniswap V3 out there? I recently learned about [revert.finance]( but haven’t tried them out yet. Even better if you guys use them and can even share your … Read more

LittleGhosts NFT is going to explode

Check out LittleGhosts NFT, it has a p2e mmorpg beta dropping in the coming weeks. Rentable nfts and a native token that gives BUSD rewards. Cross-chain capability with 7 different networks and a wiki on … Read more

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