Best way to DCA with ledger?

I am finally starting to use my remaining two brain cells and moving all my assets to cold storage. I just got a Ledger Nano S+. It works surprisingly well. However, one thing CEX did … Read more

An Overview of the Top 10 NFT Usecases

**Non-Fungible Tokens can be more than just a part of a PFP collection. Here’s a list of the Top 10 use cases:** 1. Crowdfunding 2. Voting shares 3. Music royalties 4. Tokenized Real Estate 5. … Read more

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Transition from RAMP to LEVER 2022 🚀

This year, **RAMP** will be rebranded **LEVER** and will operate from **July 4, 2022** and will end **July 13, 2022.** Users with ERC20-RAMP on Ethereum can execute the token swap on-chain independently via the Token … Read more

Everything About Metaverse NFT Marketplace

A metaverse nft marketplace is a technical concept of creating and integrating NFT marketplaces into the virtual space of the metaverse. Metaverse is considered a parallel univers where avatars (representing the unique identity of users) … Read more

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My reflection of the crypto meltdown.

History has shown repeatedly the apparent weaknesses that exist with centralization or the trust-based model that Satoshi has warned us about. Under the “trust-based” model, the integrity of an institution is a function of those … Read more

Value Investing/Dividend Protocols in DeFi

Given the current status of the market, can anyone list any projects that are actually income positive? Thinking like a value investor, are there any projects that have a favorable P/E ratio? or that pay … Read more

Will the crypto market affect Solcial

The crypto market is clearly in a bear cycle right now, as is obvious to everybody. At this time, many projects are put on hold as a result of the market’s prevailing anxiety, asset are … Read more

DeFi 2.0: The second generation of DeFi protocols

DeFi disempowers the centralized financial system by eliminating the need for intermediaries and gatekeepers and empowering common people by enabling them to undertake financial activities on a peer-to-peer basis. Since DeFi leverages blockchain technology, decentralized … Read more

Curve Newsletter #87

Hi guys. If you don’t already know it, this is the no-official newsletter about Curve Finance. If you don’t have time to be 24-7 on Twitter. This is a good way to follow what is … Read more

Best DEX to convert USDC to BTC

What is the best way to convert USDC (on ETH) to BTC (actual BTC not wrapped) on a DEX? I tried Exodus but it seems they take 4%+ margin which is high. DEXes such as … Read more

Newbie guide: All major coins explained

The crypto space can be overwhelming for beginners, there’s just so many coins! But fret not, I created simple explanations for all major coins to help you level up your crypto knowledge. Enjoy! **Bitcoin (BTC)**: … Read more

Feedback appreciated

So I joined crypto last October. A friend told me about his great success and I fomo’d in with a small amount of money. (100 euro). Started with some SHIB while it was 0.000023 and … Read more

Need help with Crypto/WEB 3 marketing and PR

Hello everyone, so I wonder if anyone knows and can recommend on crypto (specify on web3 and defi) marketing agencies? We looked for a while, but everyone suggested different prices and different services Please, if … Read more