Hello everyone, This is OnChainApprentice

Hello everyone, This is OnChainApprentice and I’m excited to be joining the Reddit community. As my name suggests, I’m a big fan of decentralized finance (DeFi) and I’m always on the lookout for the latest … Read more

Liquidity question from noob.

So I have this coin I made and have a question regarding adding initial liquidity. If I add lets say $500 usdc and 100% of the tokens I created as liquidity, will I lose that … Read more

Earn more by leveraging crosschain LP tokens & NFTs

I came across this protocol where you can leverage some compatible yield-bearing assets. It’s called [Themis]( Specifically, it’s a liquidity protocol that takes advantage of ‘money legos’ to make liquidity more efficient. Some interesting factors: … Read more

I’m working on a crypto token price bot that should send real-time prices in the telegram group along with the chart, but I’m unsure how to add the chart features, or any third-party app providing API for the same. It should send the chart image to the group.

I’m working on a crypto token price bot that should send real-time prices in the telegram group along with the chart, but I’m unsure how to add the chart features, or any third-party app providing … Read more

Pendle Finance: Why I’m Excited

I wrote the first part of a two-part report about Pendle Finance. This first part covers everything there is to know about Pendle. Read about it here: [ View Source

Temple Wallet Update

Well, friends. ​ 😄 We did something… Let us show you: ​ ​ \- The router from 3route was integrated into Temple swaps; \- Cloud seed phrase backup was added for the Android version; \- … Read more

Unleashing the Power of the Reef Chain Community

In the rapidly evolving landscape of blockchain technology, one community stands out for its innovation, engagement, and unwavering dedication. Welcome to the Reef Chain community, a thriving ecosystem that has been making waves in the … Read more

How can DeFi slay the dragon?

If DeFi is to establish itself as a viable alternative financial system, what will that actually look like? Some thoughts: \- It needs to be transparent, open and innovative, always: no settling for what’s working … Read more

Holyheld DeFi debit card

Hello everyone! I am not sure if this is the right subreddit for this kind of post but I have a question towards the Holyheld (originally Mover) app. This is a recent app that is … Read more

Earn yield while trading at leverage with LEVERFI

• LeverFi is an on-chain leveraged trading platform that aims to increase asset efficiency for traders. • Traders can earn a yield on their collateral deposits by integrating with protocols such as Aave and Convex. … Read more

End of Crypto Idea. KYC AML Control

Council of the EU Press release 16 May 2023 10:30 Anti-money laundering: Council adopts rules which will make crypto-asset transfers traceable The EU is making it more difficult for criminals to misuse crypto-assets for money … Read more

GMX or dYdX?

Recently saw an article on cointelegraph titled: “GMX and dYdX go head-to-head for the top decentralized derivatives position” And it got me thinking… I have used GMX once before, but never used dYdX but it … Read more

About MinePlex

With its international platform, MinePlex attracts traders and investors from all over the world. The project team is committed to continually expanding partnerships with leading cryptocurrency projects and developers to offer users even more trading … Read more

Defillama API help

I’d like some help confirming if apyBase is a the yield rate for supplying liquidity. What’s rewards APY? It looks like there is a seperate reward pool. Is this for reward token emissions? \———– The … Read more

The DeFi industry is monopolised?

A while ago I discovered a performance tracker for my portfolio that gives me the possibility to see my PnL in dollars, as well as historical data, rewards, trades, debts, etc. Since then I have … Read more


Hi all, I have been struggling to be able to successfully bridge coins using my metamask wallet. I am continuously getting either “insufficient funds” or just not being able to select swap. What could I … Read more

DeFi is the last hero standing

Everyone is looking for a saviour to fix the broken financial system, but: \- China and the yuan = authoritarian power having control over our money. \- Gold isn’t set up to be an alternative … Read more

Defi Crowdfunding Platforms – The Future Of Fundraising

The emergence of DeFi crowdfunding platforms has provided a transformative opportunity for the cryptocurrency industry, allowing investors to raise funds for projects or business expansion. Although crowdfunding has been a popular concept for some time, … Read more

Comparing AMM incentive mechanisms

There are two primary reward systems utilized by AMMs to incentivize users to provide liquidity. The first is determined by fees generated through trading/arbitrage. This is preferable for pools that experience high volume. The second … Read more

AAVE collateral issues

Hello , Ive set up new wallet and put some stables on aave/matic but they can’t be used as collateral ive tried all different stables usdt,usdc,eurs,dai . My idea is to get some usdt against … Read more

What are the best hardware wallets?

With the recent Ledger news, what are the best alternative hardware wallets out there. I’ve previously used Ledger but considering to switch now. Are there good alternatives apart from Trezor? Any tips, pros and cons … Read more

The best DeFI portfolio tracker?

I have been looking for a long time for a portfolio tracker, but I haven’t found one that meets all my expectations. I am currently using this one [ and I must say that it … Read more

Help me understand how I got hacked

I just got my entire MM wallets drained. I have been in crypto since 2017 and always do my due diligence before approving any contract, I just had all my wallets 10+ drained, now I … Read more