DeFi chat — March 27

– Trader Joe liquidity book vs Uni v3: [link]( – Radiant disqualification bounties: [link]( – Introducing Arbiter – agent-based EVM analysis tool: [link]( – Introducing Opclav: [link]( – Avalanche C chain stops producing blocks again … Read more

Hacker returns 58K Eth to Euler Finance

The Euler Finance hackers stole \~$200M. They then returned \~$100 million. Isn’t crypto fun? We have heard a lot of cases where hackers returned stolen funds (partially or the entire amount). Why though? There are … Read more

TerraStation / InterStation wallet question

I have my TerraStation/InterStation wallet as my Keplr wallet, which holds my $ATOM. Now in TerraStation with the upgrade, you can have the $ATOM Token seen in your wallet on the list of assets on … Read more

DeFi chat — March 26

– Premia Introducing ARB/DAI Options: [link]( – Introducing Cryptex v2: [link]( – Reflexer: Exploring the potential of Liquid Staking and RAI: [link]( – [AIP-87] Launch Alchemix-Premia options pools: [link]( – RFP (Idea): Resolution for Inadequate … Read more

True or false?

This statement is written by Open-ai. It sounds reasonable but I couldn’t find the decent fact to counter that. What do you think? “Decentralization of finance may seem like an innovative concept, but in reality, … Read more

Hey Folks, I need some help.

What would be your best DeFi strategy using the assets mentioned below to get the best APY right now on the Ethereum network? ​ 1- Stable coins (USDC, USDT, DAI) 2- wETH & wBTC 3- … Read more

What did you do in DeFi today? — March 24

– A Technical Overview of the Uniswap Mobile Wallet: [link]( – New Fantom Wallet is here: [link]( – Numoen V1 is live on Polygon: [link]( – Hyperlane expanding to Solana VM: [link]( – DRPC launches … Read more

Looking for liquidity pools

So, my employer asked me to find 3 liquidity pools with APY more than 50% in last month, but both token have to be only WBTC, ETH, OP, AVAX, MATIC or GMX. I wonder if … Read more

DeFi chat — March 25

– Reserve Protocol RToken processes: [link]( – An overview on the DeFi options landscape: [link]( – Breakdown on VestLabs research on their exchange Vest Exchange: [link]( – zkSync Era mainnet alpha is live: [link]( – … Read more

Request for GoerliETH on Goerli Testnet

Hello fellow Redditors, I am currently working on a project that involves the development of smart contracts on the Goerli testnet, and I am in need of some GoerliETH to continue my work. I am … Read more

Unlock the potential of Privacy

There is an upcoming hackathon, meant for all the developers that want to bring some privacy into the space. Privacy4Web3 Hackathon from Oasis Network, aims to help builders experiment the Oasis Privacy Layer, either by … Read more

Decentralized betting

Hi guys! Lately i’ve been wondering if building a decentralized betting application (based on smart contracts) is legal. The thing is, i know when building a web2 casino it must be regulated otherwise it will … Read more

Is Leverage trading on DeFi possible?

I’m looking for solid protocols to do leverage trading on DeFi(long/short). This is possible on binance but not so ideal to me. I am more comfortable trading with decentralized exchanges for the fact that I … Read more

Dolomite just launched full support for GLP as a collateral asset and full GMX account transfers, allowing users to borrow against their GLP while still retaining all rewards, opening the door for advanced hedging, looping, and diversified farming strategies

Dolomite just launched full support for GLP as a collateral asset and full GMX account transfers, allowing users to borrow against their GLP while still retaining all rewards, opening the door for advanced hedging, looping, … Read more retired pools question

Hey, I invested in some pool in []( over a year ago and now when I go back to look at it, it seems like the pools have been retired. Does this mean all the … Read more

Telegram users can trade USDT via sms

According to CoinDesk, USDT has been added to Telegram’s wallet bot, which expands the messaging app’s base for crypto trading. Has everyone tried it? What kind of wallets are people currently using to store assets? … Read more

How to claim Sushi LP rewards? Please help.

Defi question. For those of you who know, how do you claim fee rewards from providing liquidity on Sushi? for example on uniswap, there is a big “CLAIM” button with a number there. I can’t … Read more

Where do I start?

I’m a complete novice in this world. I missed out on ARB and I don’t want to make that mistake again. I just don’t know where to start my knowledge gathering and once I get … Read more

Let’s talk about the SVB collapse

So Silicon Valley Bank collapsed last week, and even though it’s insured, people are still going to lose their money. They’re insured for 250K USD, which means that not everyone will be safe from this … Read more

Scaling Web3 building with infrastructure tooling

As the world of Web3 blockchain infrastructure continues to evolve, there are a number of challenges that developers face. From scalability to interoperability, there are a number of issues that must be addressed in order … Read more

Airdrops and taxes

With the upcoming Arbitrum Airdrop, I was wondering if people knew how claiming airdrops and taxes worked in the US. I was assuming they are treated as regular income and taxed at the price of … Read more

Best de-fi swap exchange?

What’s the best de-fi exchange to trade BNB with my wallet? Example: I only have BNB in my trust wallet and I’d like to trade my BNB into ETH, BTC, DOGE, etc – of course … Read more

What are some anonymous ways to buy BTC?

Hey, I’m looking for an anonymous way to acquire BTC without leaving any trace. I read about using ATMs, but they require a phone number, and there are security cameras everywhere. I’m considering buying through … Read more

Centralized Systems Are Failing: Who is at risk?

\- massive digital bank robberies \- control based monetary policies \- shitty investors managing billions at major banks crypto will take over. it’s the only way. [ View Source

Are Deposit Tokens a way into DeFi?

Swiss banks are exploring an alternative to private stablecoins in an effort to support the country’s economy in digital asset transaction settlements and payment execution. The Swiss Bankers Association revealed in a white paper it … Read more

DeFi Chat — March 19

– Aave v3 markets on Avalanche unfrozen: [link]( – GHO genesis parameters: [link]( – Euler exploiter send 3k ETH to Euler deployer: [link]( – BlockSec finds bug in ParaSpace and performs whitehat exploit to rescue … Read more

DeFiLlama hostile takeover in progress

[link to 0xNGMI’s post]( ​ Sad state of affairs as the person who owns the DefiLlama twitter and web domain is trying to launch a token despite the rest of the team not wanting it. … Read more

Matic staking question

Hello, I’m very new to defi. Apologies if this is the wrong place to ask this question. I have my Matic on the Polygon network, but I understand that to stake matic it needs to … Read more