NFTs A Joke, Scam ór Stupid?!

Who owns a Crypto Punk? Or do you have your eyes on other collections! Sharing is caring. In the article some cool artist and their collection. ​ [ View Source

Breaking news in the world of crypto analytics Data Integration and []( Nansen is a blockchain analytics platform that enriches on-chain data with millions of wallet labels. Crypto investors use Nansen to discover opportunities, perform due diligence and defend their portfolios with … Read more

Why InstaDEX?

The bear market is really taking a toll on the tezos blockchain as well as the whole market, this has festered in the community, the number of FUDs expressed amongst users 10x’ed. The Tezos ecosystem … Read more

Orchi Alien in Foundation Marketplace

The planet of Orcha is a grey desert planet. It grows only magnezium in planet. The Orchis’ who is living planet of Orcha, they’re militarist and agressive species in the universe. 0,25-0,50 ETH [ View … Read more

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The Death art NFT Skateboard!!!!

The new NFT art now!!!!!!!!! ​ \#NEWNFT #NFTCommunity #NFTs #NFTfamily Click at the link now: View Source

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Short on a stablecoin

Hey guys. I know i‘m not very early 🙂 But i expect UST to go nealry 0 the next days. So i would like to open a short position on this coin. 1. can you … Read more

Hello all! I’m a toy artist based in LA. Check out my limited edition NFT collection! Brain Can Art Toy NFTs | 3D Art NFT project. (Limited edition 3D print with NFT purchase) Releasing May 21st, 2022. On Opeasea! For more information links are below in comments ⬇️⬇️

Hello all! I’m a toy artist based in LA. Check out my limited edition NFT collection! Brain Can Art Toy NFTs | 3D Art NFT project. (Limited edition 3D print with NFT purchase) Releasing May … Read more

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European Union Plans To Pilot DeFi

**In a new** [**r**]( from the European Commission, the important body of the European Union writes of its intention to create a better regulatory framework for the DeFi market. For now, the European Commission sees … Read more

Olympia AIO NFT cook group pass

Olympia’s AIO pass will give you exclusive access to: NFT, crypto, stock and sneaker releases and high quality calls by professionals in each industry. ​ Check out our website and follow our twitter for more … Read more

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The $XPANZ Project – EXPANZ PROTOCOL! 🎯 THE $XPANZ PRESALE IS LIVE, CLICK HERE>> TO BUY YOURS NOW 🎯 💫 EXPANZ is The Highest Paying Auto-Staking & Auto-Compounding Protocol in DeFi built on the Avalanche … Read more

Projects that keep me hopeful (Thorstarter)

After reflecting a little on these tough times for us degens and crying myself to sleep a couple nights, I’ve come to the conclusion that only projects with real value and future will make it … Read more

question about WBTC peg

As we have seen USD backed stablecoins are taking a hit weeks ago I assisted to a small project getting ruined by a flashloan attack and then UST unpegging. Now I haven’t seen a lot … Read more

I am trying to produce NFT’s with a code in Visual Studio, everything worked fine, but I tried to re-make the images and I get this message:

TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘path’) at C:\\Users\\ACER\\OneDrive\\Documentos\\NFT’s management\\Apps\\create-10k-nft-collection-2.0.0\\src\\main.js:184:61 at new Promise (<anonymous>) at loadLayerImg (C:\\Users\\ACER\\OneDrive\\Documentos\\NFT’s management\\Apps\\create-10k-nft-collection-2.0.0\\src\\main.js:183:10) at C:\\Users\\ACER\\OneDrive\\Documentos\\NFT’s management\\Apps\\create-10k-nft-collection-2.0.0\\src\\main.js:364:31 at Array.forEach (<anonymous>) at startCreating (C:\\Users\\ACER\\OneDrive\\Documentos\\NFT’s management\\Apps\\create-10k-nft-collection-2.0.0\\src\\main.js:363:17) at C:\\Users\\ACER\\OneDrive\\Documentos\\NFT’s management\\Apps\\create-10k-nft-collection-2.0.0\\index.js:6:3 at Object.<anonymous> (C:\\Users\\ACER\\OneDrive\\Documentos\\NFT’s … Read more

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Still Green in the Bloodiest Market

Everyone is an expert in a bull market and it looks like many projects may not survive this bear. With BTC falling below half of its all-time high, it is clear that altcoins are barely … Read more

The Singing Foot – What The Foot ?

Me in the shower: “*NeArRr, FaRrR, wHeReVeR yOuU aAaAaRe…*“ (crystal voice of an angel). Future ex wife: *“Tais-toi, tu chantes comme un pied!”* (Shut up, you sing like a foot!). I don’t know if I … Read more

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UST Scheme!!!

I dont know about you guys, but for me just looks like that this Luna / UST thing was a huge scheme. Can some one tell me where did go that 19B that the anchor … Read more