Twitter DeFi and Web3 Accounts

I’ve been trying to find active accounts on Twitter interested in DeFi and Web3 to connect with, but I can’t seem to find any genuine ones. So if you use Twitter, please drop your username … Read more

data science: predicting defaults

hello i am searching for a thesis topic for my masters, this is an idea i want your opinion on i am complete beginner to web3, all i know is videos i watch form coinbureau … Read more

Structured products are making their way On-Chain

Since the beginning, DeFi has been all about making financial products accessible to anyone with an internet connection, regardless of their background or location. One project that embodies this principle quite well is [Struct Finance]( … Read more

How DeFi 2.0 is Bridging the Gap to Real-World Assets

With the democratization of real-world asset investing through DeFi 2.0, it’s crucial to consider the necessary safeguards to protect investors and ensure market integrity. DeFi protocols can access new asset classes and gain stability thanks … Read more

thesis topic for defi and datascience

hello everyone i am doing my masters in data science ( bachelor in finance ) and i am searching for a way to break into defi. my only experience with crypto is trading, but now … Read more

How do you do DD on protocol security?

I’m trying to up my capital efficiency game and as usual, the highest yields are always on newer and less established protocols. I’m looking at socking some USDC away on GMD, for example. But I’ve … Read more

DEFI and DEX projects surge while BTC falls

Since the US SEC regards decentralization as one of the criteria for measuring whether a token is a security, tokens such as POW DeFi MEME may be invested by institutional funds; in contrast, VC-led and … Read more

dHEDGE / Stablecoin Yield USDy

Have you guys seen this? 10.7% APR on USD. This looks really good. Too good to be true? Why isn’t everyone doing this? Are you doing this? What are the risks? View Source

Smart contract reuse

I have a question. When a smart contract is deployed on a blockchain (let’s say on ethereum’s main net), is it reusable? Does it function like an object definition where you can instantiate new instances … Read more

Circle and MakerDAO increase US Treasury purchases

Circle Restarts U.S. Treasury Purchases in BlackRock-Managed USDC Reserve Fund [ ​ MakerDAO Boosts U.S. Treasury Holdings by $700M to Back DAI Stablecoin With Real-World Assets [ View Source

Is RWA Putting an End to Staking?

The staking landscape is rapidly changing with the introduction of RWAs which are tangible and have intrinsic value. With the growing popularity of RWAs, I can’t help but question whether this signals the end of … Read more

Use cases

So many defi, I’m trying to learn. What are some real world use cases? I understand stable coins like DAI and DEXs like GMX. I understand their use cases. Could someone explain use cases of … Read more

Regulations & DeFi growth

It’s undeniable that the current state of the crypto space seems to be accompanied by a wave of negative news and regulatory challenges. From market participants’ actions in the past to the recent regulatory scrutiny, … Read more

What is GameFi?

The core of gamefi is play to earn, and we are attracted to it because of the revenue it can bring us. But we don’t exclude another part of gamefi players, who are moving from … Read more

Do you consider altcoins securities or currencies?

If the SEC succeeds with their argument, cryptocurrency linked to projects will be classified as securities. To me, this sounds pretty dumb, since these currencies are the payment currency for using the project’s utility, which … Read more

I dont fully understand Pendle

Read whitepaper and see some youtuber explaining pendle i still dont fully understand pendle. What i know is minimal things that user on pendle need to know. PT , YT and SY PT – you … Read more

Smart Contract Audit Costs, Competence, and More

Hey everyone, I came across an intriguing [research]( that can assist in selecting a smart contract auditor. The reports provide insights into the cost of audits from various auditing firms, as well as their expertise … Read more

LP with BTC options

First of all, I know holding BTC on a cold wallet is the safest option, and WBTC or BTCb are not really “BTC”, yet I’m still curious about the defi route and willing to use … Read more